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Fronius Solar Inverters – Review of Sale Price,Technology and Models

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Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius Solar Inverters are made by one of the oldest private companies in the solar inverter business.The firm was established by Günter Fronius in Pettenbach, Austriain 1945.Fronius International has production bases in Austria,Czech and Ukraine and the company generated almost 500 million euros of revenue in 2010.Fronius manufactures 3 major product lines under three divisions Battery Chargers,Welding Products and Solar Electronics.Solar Inverters come under the Solar Electronics division.Fronius has been involved in photovoltaic since 1992.In 1995 it started selling the  “Sunrise” grid-connected solar inverter for generating electricity from solar energy and feeding it into the power grid.

Fronius Solar Inverters Review

Fronius has a wide product range of solar inverter of all shapes and sizes.It makes 3 Phase Solar Inverters as well as Central Inverters.It has both transformer based and transformerless solar inverters which are popular in Europe but disallowed in the USA.Fronius does not make very large solar inverters in the > 60 kw range.This means that Fronius is not present in the utility solar panel market which requires 100 kw or more solar inverter sizes.

1) Transformeless Solar Inverters (IG TL Series)

The Fronius IG TL is targeted at  single-family homes up to agricultural or commercial operations. It also has the standard system monitoring.There are 5 Inverters in the range of 3 kilowatt to 5 kilowatts.

2) Fronius IG Series of Solar Inverters

These are mainly meant of residential solar systems and comes in the small single digit kilowatt range.They also have outdoor solar inverters which gives better protection from the weather.The FRONIUS IG 2000,IG 3000 and IG 2500-LV (low voltage 208V) photovoltaic inverters utilize high frequency architecture to deliver higher reliability and performance .FRONIUS IG comes standard with integrated DC and AC disconnects.

Buy Fronius IG Grid tie inverter.

3) Fronius IG Plus Series of Solar Inverters

Fronius IG Plus inverters is an enhancement of the IG Series.The products are available in power classes from 3 to 12 kW .There are both 3 phase and single phase inverters.Fronius IG does not require special bracing or a back plate to install. An aluminum mounting bracket comes standard with each IG.

4) Fronius CL Series of Solar Inverters

These are the biggest solar inverters made by Fronius and come in 3 sizes of 36,48 and 60 kw.These are central inverters

5) Fronius IG Central Series of Solar Inverters

The Fronius IG central inverters are suitable for pv systems s of 24 kW and have 9, 12 to 15 printed circuit boards that share the work, depending on the output class.These PV Central Inverters work with a max. output power ranging from 24 – 40 kW.

Fronius Solar Inverter Warranties

Fronius gives one of the best warranties in the solar inverter business with warranties of 10,15 and 20 years which makes it distinct from other solar inverter manufacturers.This includes the inverter series Fronius IG, Fronius IG Plus, Fronius IG TL as well as Fronius IG central inverters and Fronius CL.Fronius inverters with nominal outputs of 1.3 to 60 kilowatts come standard with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. This can now be extended to 10, 15 or 20 years

Fronius also makes Battery Charging Systems under the Selective Brand

Fronius Inverter Prices

Fronius Solar Inverters for Homes are sold in the $1000-5000 range and the price per watt is on par with European manufacturers at 50-80c/watt depending on the solar inverter size and features.Fronius Solar Inverters are available from most distributors and have a reputation of high quality .The efficiency range of of Fronius solar inverters is more than 95% and they have high reliability due to the modular nature.The modular nature of Fronius solar inverter means that the fault tolerance of the inverter is hig as it is built with an ingenious processor control – the Fronius IG Module-Manager.This makes it possible to give 20 year warranties to Fronius solar inverters.

These days Solar Microinverters are also becoming popular.

How Solar Micro Inverter Works

A solar micro-inverter just like a Solar Inverter has the primary purpose of  converting the Direct Current (DC) which is generated by Solar Panels to Alternating Current (AC) which is used by appliances at home .Note each microinverter works with a single Solar Panel in contrast to  a string inverter which works with 10-5000 Solar Panels depending on the Size of the String Inverters (which can be as large as 1 MW).Microinverters on the other hand are only 200 W in size.

Microinverters eliminate the need for string sizing exercises that require fitting equal lengths of module strings on a roof. Each PV module is connected directly to its own microinverter and mounted on the racking underneath. The microinverter’s AC wire harnesses are connected to form a continuous AC branch circuit that leads ultimately to the AC utility distribution center.


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