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ET Solar Group Panels(190W,280,235) Review of Prices,Cost,Where they are Made – Are they Good in UK,Australia

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ET Solar Group

The ET Solar Group was founded in 2007.The company is relatively small compared to the biggest solar panel producers like Yingli,Suntech as its capacity is one/fifth the size of these big panel producers.It is more comparable to small Chinese solar companies like CEEG Solar,Eging and Sunlink..ET Solar is a quasi vertically integrated solar equipment manufacturer  with  presence in Europe, North America and Australia. ET Solar iis not fully integrated like LDK,Yinglie which makes polysilicon as well.However it does make  silicon ingot, wafer, cell, module and a variety of BoS component products. ET Solar offers high-quality modules, inverter, tracker, BIPV, PV Kit and other solar products in more than 50 countries and regions in the whole world. Worldwide more than 500MW projects are already finished.The company is not publicly listed but is funded from Private Equity Sources.In these tough conditions it is questionable whether ET Solar can survive as it is not a Tier 1 producer.ET Solar has a good presence in the UK and Australian Markets.However Australian Solar Power Industry has seen a number of solar panel producers entering the industry and there are good alternatives available from Trina and Suntech

ET Solar Panels Review

ET Solar sells solar panels in a wide variety of power ratings and their quality is generally regarded as decent without being great.Here is a list of solar panels being solar by ET Solar.ET Solar Panels are manufactured in China like the rest of the Chinese solar panels because of the much lower costs of capital and labor.China has around 60% marketshare of the solar panel industry which means that unless you are buying a solar panel from a completely unknown small company,you will in general get a good solar panel.

ET Solar Panels

The Monocrystalline Solar Panels are sold with  aluminum frames0 and 0 to +5W positive tolerance for mainstream
products.They have a 25year linear performance warranty and 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship.ET Solar Panels are sold in the 185 to 300 Watt Ranges .ET Solar 235 Watts and ET Soalr 280 Watts Solar Panels are some of the more popular panels that the company sells.The company recently introduced new antireflective modules to the global market.The company says the dense coating on the surface of the antireflective modules delivers higher light absorption and slows the power degradation, which compares favorably to conventional glass-based modules.

The company sells both black and standard blue color solar panels.They made mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline cells in 5″ and 6″ sizes and the solar modules with 6 inch cells have 60 solar cells while the 5 inch cells come in solar modules of 72 cells.

  1. ET-M572 (185W-205W)
  2. ET-M572BB (180W-195W)
  3. ET-M660 (235W-250W)
  4. ET-M660BB (235W-250W)
  5. ET-M672 (280W-305W)
  6. ET-M672BB (280W-300W)
  7. ET-P660 (220W-250W)
  8. ET-P660WB (220W-245W)
  9. ET-P672 (270W-300W)
  10. ET-P672WB (270W-295W)
  11. ET-M572BBZ (180W-195W)
  12. ET-M572WWZ (180W-205W)
  13. ET-P660WBZ (220W-245W)
  14. ET-P660WWZ (220W-250W)
  15.  ET-M572 (185W-205W)
  16. ET-M572BB (180W-195W)
  17. ET-M660  (235W-250W)
  18. ET-M660BB (235W-250W)
  19. ET-M672 (280W-305W)
  20. ET-M672BB (280W-300W)
  21. ET-P660 (220W-250W)
  22. ET-P660WB (220W-245W)
  23. ET-P672 (270W-300W)
  24. ET-P672WB (270W-295W)
  25. ET-M572BBZ (180W-195W)
  26. ET-M572WWZ (180W-205W)
  27. ET-P660WBZ (220W-245W)
  28. ET-P660WWZ (220W-250W)

ET Solar Panels Prices

ET Solar Panel Prices have reduced quite sharply with the fall in industry pricing of solar panels.Being a Tier 2 producer ET Solar Panels can be bought cheaper than Suntech Solar panels or panels from Western producers like REC.With massive inventory buildup,there is currently a hugely discounted sale on solar panels.ET Solar Panel Prices were around $1.4/watt in retail which means that in large quantities you can buy ET Solar panels for prices as low as $1.1/watt.ET Solar 280 Watt Panels are being sold for $400  which is a good deal.But there are other equally good solar panels from companies like CEEG ST,JA Solar,Sunlink and SunEarth as well.So you should compare the prices of these solar panels before buying them.

ET Solar Panels Warranty

Most of the solar panel manufacturers have increased their 5 year product warranty to 10 years in recent times with increased competition.With prices of solar panels having fallen to as low as Euro 70c/watt,the only way solar panel producers can shine in the crowd is by giving additional quality and features.ET Solar like other Chinese solar panel manufacturers has extended the warranty to 10 years.

The new module product warranty commitment, ET Solar extends the warranty term for defects of modules in workmanship and materials from 5 years to 10 years for its core module products since May 2011

ET Solar BIPV and Solar Systems Review

ET sells Solar Stand-alone system designed for facilities located in remote and rural areas(telecommunications, water pumping, etc).The company also sells a ET Kit which is a package of  inverters and system components which has a All-in-one design that  reduces installation efforts

ET Solar offers BIPV modules as well in addition to its line of standard solar panels.BIPV modules are building integrated solar panels and have a different structure and technology in comparision to solar panels. BIPV modules can be integrated to new buildings and retrofitted onto existing buildings.

ET Solar sells frameless solar modules,transparent solar modules as well as double glass solar modules.

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