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CNPV Solar Power Panels Review of Company,Cost and Comparision

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CNPV is one of the bigger Tier 2 Chinese solar panel manufacturers with its factories based in China.The company does not have a big presence in the retail solar panel market as it sells mainly to solar farm developers.However with  solar roofs becoming more important as government focus their efforts on residential installations compared to utility installations,it a matter of time before CNPV becomes available through online and offline dealers for residential solar.Quality wise and price wise the company is comparable to the smaller Chinese solar panel producers like CEEG,Sunink,ET Solar and SunEarth.However it does not have the backing of a big parent group so there is the danger that the company may not be available to survive the solar glut which has seen the solar panel prices coming down by more than 50% in 2011.However given its listing on the NYSE and its recent order flow from big distributors,it looks unlikely that it will fail.

CNPV Company

CNPV is a semi vertically integrated solar panel producer like most of the other Chinese solar panel makers in the sense that it does not producer polysilicon which is the main raw material for producing solar modules.However it makes solar wafers,cells and finally the panels inhouse.The company was started in 2006 with a factory in Dongying and listed on the NYSE Euronext in 2008.They currently have 12 production lines consisting of 300MW and  CNPV will reach a l production capacity  600MW by 2011.It also is raising capacity to 1 GW by Q112The company manufactures a wide variety of both monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon modules ranging from 10W to 305Watts.

The company is  also involved in the system integration business in China.Systems installation covers a broad range of possible SPV applications, from utility-scale SPV, to commercial and residential rooftops, to building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), to off-grid industrial and residential systems in rural areas

The company says that it does not sell in orders less than 2 MW practising true distribution but in these times of hyper competition in solar panels that looks unlikely.

Solar Panels Review

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

CNPV has one of the better quality solar panels in the market and sells one of the widest range of solar modules that I have seen.The company sells solar panels in almost all the power ratings at intervals of 10 Watts and makes a number of small PV modules using monocrystalline cells.The company sells both high performance and standard solar panels .Its premium mono solar panel modules have power ratings at high as 305 Watts which is the maximum power rating for its modules.The comapny’s solar panel Efficiency is also quite good with the best modules giving 16% or more which is probably the best for a Chinese solar panel.

  1. CNPV-195M to CNPV-205M – It has 72  Monocrystalline 125×125mm Cells interconnected to give  a 195-205 Watts rating Solar Photovoltaic Module
  2. CNPV-245M to CNPV-255M – It has 72  Monocrystalline 156×156mm Cells interconnected to give  a 245-255 Watts rating Solar Photovoltaic Module
  3. CNPV-295M to CNPV-305M  -It has 72  Monocrystalline 156×156mm Cells interconnected to give  a 295-305 Watts rating Solar Photovoltaic Module
  4. CNPV-230M to CNPV-240M

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

  • CNPV-240P to CNPV-250P
  • CNPV-290P to CNPV-300P
  • CNPV-180M to CNPV-190M
  • CNPV-225P to CNPV-235P
  • CNPV-280M to CNPV-290M
  • CNPV-275P to CNPV-285P

Small Soar Panels

  • CNPV-5M – It is a 5 W Modules
  • CNPV-10M
  • CNPV-20M
  • CNPV-30M
  • CNPV-40M to CNPV-50M
  • CNPV-60M to CNPV-80M
  • CNPV-85M to CNPV-105M
  • CNPV-135M to CNPV-150M

Solar Panels CNPV Warranty

The company gives a 10 year workmanship warranty and a  25 year linear warranty. The warranty period with respect to power output continues for a total of 25 years from date of delivery, the first 12 years at 90% of the power output as specified  in CNPV´s Product Specification, provided that such loss in power is determined by CNPV (at its sole and absolute discretion ) to be due to defects in material or workmanship at STC and the balance of 13 years at 80% of the power output as specified  in CNPV´s Product Specification

This has become the standard for most of the Chinese solar panel producers.The company is also offering what it says is an All-Risks Insurance for SPV Modules and Installation for Product Performance & Liability Warranty from reputed insurance companies.It also gives a Official letter from North American Development Bank available upon request for Bankability purposes.CNPV has most of the industry certificates for its solar modules including that of UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).CNPV has MCS certification for the entire range from 10Wp to 300Wp

CNPV Solar Power is a member of PV Cycle, the European Association for Voluntary Take Back and Recycling of Solar Photovoltaic Modules.

 CNPV Solar Panels Cost and Comparision

CNPV is one of the better Tier 2 Solar Panel Manufacturers from China and is on the verge of becoming No.1 as it makes good quality solar panels at a decent cost.Though smaller than the bigger Chinese companies like Trina and Yinglie it has managed to get good  distribution deals with some top solar panel installers in Europe and USA.The company has versatile range of solar panels and  has maintained good quality and efficiency.The price of it solar panels are some of the cheapest .It is the only Chinese solar company to be listed on the NYSE Euronext and that gives it a better reputation that the other smaller Chinese solar companies.The company is expanding its footprint to newer solar markets like India and UK as well.

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