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3 Phase Solar Inverters Basics and Manufacturers in Taiwan and China

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3 Phase Solar Inverters are another name for Grid Tied Solar Inverters which allow the DC Power generated by Solar Panels to be connected through the Grid.Note most of the Solar Inverters manufactured earlier used to be off grid solar inverters and did not have any grid connections.However the Feed in Tariff Laws in Germany and other European countries has made 3 phase solar inverters a massive growth industry.All major solar inverter manufacturers make 3 phase solar inverters in a wide variety of power ratings and voltages.The difference between a 3 Phase Solar Inverter and a normal Solar Inverter is that the Three Phase Solar Inverter has to match the frequency and voltage of the Grid before it supplies power.Normal Solar Inverters on the other hand are not restrained by the voltage and frequency of the power grid.The grid tie inverter must synchronize its frequency with that of the grid (e.g. 50 or 60 Hz) using a local oscillator and limit the voltage to no higher than the grid voltage.

Features of the 3 Phase Solar Inverters

  1. 3 Phase solar inverters have to synch with the grid and cannot be used in off grid applications where the electricity transmission infrastructure is absent. In the USA 3 phase solar inverter have to follow the specifications of the National Electric Code (NEC).
  2. Grid-tie inverters are designed to disconnect from the grid if there is a blackout
  3. 3 Phase Solar Inverters frequently have MPTT systems which is called maximum power point tracker that enables the inverter to extract a maximum amount of power
  4. Efficiency of 3 Phase Solar Inverters can range from 90-98% with most of the top German inverter producers having the highest efficiency rating
  5. Output voltage is usually 240 Volts used in domestic electrical appliances. Inverters that target commercial applications are rated for 208, 240, ,400, or 480 VAC
  6. Communication is inbuilt in the top of the  line solar inverters which can allow the solar panel systems to be monitored remotely.They can use a wide variety of protocols like RS 232,Wifi,Zigbee etc.
  7. The Warranty for 3 Phase Solar Inverters can range from 5-12 years depending on the manufacturer.

3 Phase Solar Inverter Manufacturers from China

There are literally hundreds of 3 phase solar inverter suppliers in China with most of them of small size.This is a problem as you don’t know about the quality and whether they will remain alive to service your warranty.However Chinese solar inverter costs are very low even after offsetting the lower quality.Some of the bigger Chinese solar inverter producers are growing rapidly boosted by the fast growing domestic market.In the future some of these companies should become quite dominant as they go up the learning curve.

  1.  Sungrow – Founded in 1997 by Renxian Cao with Headquartered in Hefei, China, Near Shanghai, Sungrow has grown into the largest solar inverter comapny in China with presence  in France, Italy, Germany,  Canada and the US. It claims to have installed over 1GW of PV Inverters  in China, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.Sungrow products has most of the international  Certificates such as TUV, Enel-GUIDA, AS4777, ETL, CE.Sungrow has more than 10 years working experience in research, development, production and sales of PV grid-connected inverters and it has launched a series of power plant inverters specially-made for medium & large scale of PV power plants  which rated at 100kW, 250kW, 500kW and 1MW
  2. Samil Power has 5 main branches in Germany, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Suqian in China. .It has 4 gigawatt production capacity and gives 5 year warranties
  3. Shaanxi Changling Photovoltaic Electric  (known as Changling PV is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, sale and service of solar power plant equipment, which includes PV inverters, combiner boxed, distributor cabinets, power station monitoring systems, mounting brackets and solar tracking devices.Changling PV has participated in the design and construction of first phase 10MW project of 50MW solar power station in Yulin City, Shaanxi province
  4. Zigor Corporacion S.A. started out in early 1998, as a high-technology company within the Power Electronics sector.This company is principally engaged in the Design, Manufacture and Marketing of Energy Conversion Systems and the Development of Personalised Electronics Solutions and Renewable Energies.
  5. Changcheng Electrical Equipment Group is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of low voltage and high voltage electrical equipments, solar power system, pneumatic elements and machines.

Taiwanese Solar Inverter Producers

Delta Electronics – Taiwanese Giant Electronics Firm entered the solar inverter market by buying up the Inverter Division of German Solar Comapny Solon.The company has production facilities in Taiwan and is setting up a production base in Chennai to capitalize on the Solar Inverter Opportunity.Delta is also expanding in countries like Singapore and Germany to take advantage of the the growth in Green Industry.

Other Taiwanese Solar Inverter Producers are PCM,Eaton,Alberex and Motech.


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