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List of Air Conditioning Companies in India with Price Review – Japanese Entering the Premium AC Segment

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List of Top 6 AC Companies in India

Air conditioning has almost become a necessity in India, owing to the hot and humid weather conditions in India. Almost all the electronic and home appliance companies now are manufacturing and marketing ACs. Gone are the days of the primitive & huge window ACs in India, the modern day ACs come in a wide range from split to cassette, packaged unit to slimpak etc. There are also internet enabled & sensory ACs.

Prices of Air Conditioners

In India the lowest priced ACs can be had at Rs 12000-13000 which are of a 1 ton size and can be bought from good brands like Samsung and LG.The price range can go upto Rs 30-35000 for better Japanese brands which have higher energy efficiency and premium features.This is the general price range for ACs in India though you some companies like Sharp,General sell even higher priced ACs touting their better quality.But India being a highly price sensitive market lower priced ACs sell more.Earlier Spilt ACs used to be priced much higher but with companies lowering the prics to the Rs 18-20000 range,split ACs have been selling more increasing their marketshare in India.

With most companies selling mostly in the same price range and similar quality,the selling and distribution strength is the USP and Samsung,LG score very highly here.The unorganized and second hand market also exists in India but with falling prices of the name brands,the unorganized market has sunk to extremely small size nowadays.

The leading companies gaining importance in this area in India are:

1) Samsung – With over 70 years in business, Samsung is engaged in providing a diverse service range to its customers right from semiconductors, skyscrapers, petrochemicals, to fashion, medicine, finance, hotels and more. Samsung Electronics leads the global market in high tech electronics manufacturing & digital media.  The product range is wide & varied from mobile phones, LCD TVs, cameras, home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ACs to computer peripherals.

The company has always made an effort to strengthen its air conditioning market. It offers three types of air conditioners – split, window & floor standing. Lately the company had launched new Purista and Invincia AC series of Split Airconditioners. Samsung’s VirusDoctor with S plasma ion technology eliminates airborne viruses like H1N1. 18 new AC models across Split and Window AC categories were introduced in 2011.

Samsung had put a big thrust on AC business in India in 2010. It set up Split AC manufacturing line at its NOIDA facility & introduced S-series AC models powered by the world’s first S-UTRTM compressors. Samsung also launched 26 new models across Split and Window AC categories. In 2009, it set up AC manufacturing line at Sriperumbudur, which is the 5th Samsung AC manufacturing facility in the World. In 2008, Samsung launched its range of bio sleep air conditioners. It also introduced 10 new Split and 5 new Window AC models, with capacities of 0.8T and 1.6T in Split ACs and 1.6T in Window ACs. With the introduction of the new models, the company has plans to strengthen its air conditioner business through an aggressive sales channel expansion for its Home appliance business.

2) LG – Founded in 1958, the company is known for bringing advanced digital products and applied technologies to its customers. LG Electronics is on its way to becoming a worldwide leader in digital world, ensuring customer satisfaction through innovative products and superior service. LG Electronics plays an active role in world markets with its assertive global business policy. LG Electronics controls 114 local subsidiaries worldwide, with roughly 82,000 executives and employees. In 2001 Asynchronous IMT-2000 equipment got commercialized. The world’s first internet enabled washing machine, air conditioner, and microwave oven was launched. LG Philips Displays, a joint venture with Philips was established. The ACs come in a wide variety ranging from Window, split, floor standing to cassette, network solution & ducted ACs.

3) Godrej – voted the Most Trusted Brand, Gold award (Reader’s Digest consumer survey) 4 years in a row by its consumers has continued to be a Superbrand. In 1958, Godrej Appliances made the very first refrigerator in India. The PUF (polyurethane foam) technology was launched way back in the 80s. The company created 100% CFC free fridges much before the green revolution stepped in.Godrej appliances is known for not just Refrigerators but Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, DVD Players and Televisions. Godrej air conditioners are available both in window & split ACs.

4) Carrier – Carrier Corporation provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, components, controls and services for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications and food service equipment. With 2009 revenues of $11.4 billion, Carrier has operations in more than 170 countries. Carrier is part of United Technologies Corporation, which provides high technology products and services to the building systems and aerospace industries worldwide. UTC is ranked 37th on the 2009 Fortune 1000 List of America’s Largest Corporations.Other than the normal ducted, window & split ACs, Carrier also provides Slimpk, Packaged & Digital Scroll ACs. Packaged AC gives a wide range of comfort features especially suited for Indian conditions like wide operating voltage, silent operation, economical running and unmatched reliability. Digital scroll AC gives the power of flexible applications, installation, line-Up, selection and control.

5) Voltas – Voltas has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of Air-Conditioners in India . In the year 1954 a collaboration with the Volkart Brothers, a Swiss firm and Tata Sons Limited, resulted in the formation of Voltas Limited, which is now one of the leading Air conditioning concerns of India. The air conditioners come in the range of window, split, cassette & slimline. Voltas manufactured the first ever room air conditioner in 1954 & introduced the first innovative split air conditioner in 1984. The slimline air conditioner was launched in 1993, followed by micro-processor based packaged unit in 1998. Voltas was amongst the first to launch 1 ton Acs. Later in 2007, it introduced energy efficient air-conditioners & in 2008, corner split AC was introduced.

6) Blue star – Blue Star is India’s largest central airconditioning company with an annual turnover of Rs 2900 crores, a network of 29 offices, 6 modern manufacturing facilities, over 1200 dealers and around 2800 employees. It fulfils the airconditioning needs of a large number of corporate, commercial and residential customers and has also established leadership in the field of commercial refrigeration. Blue Star understands the dynamics and intricacies of different Industries and has the expertise to provide optimal solutions for industry specific requirements. It provides specialized solutions for Banks, Builders, Cinema & Multiplexes, Dairy, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial Applications, ITES, Malls, Offices, Pharma, Restaurants, Showrooms. The ACs can be broadly divided into Central & Room Air conditioners. The product range is given below:

Central Airconditioning:

  • Screw Chillers
  • Scroll Chillers
  • Double Skin Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units
  • Packaged ACs & Ducted Splits
  • Long Distance Piping Packaged ACs
  • Hiper Packaged Acs
  • Vrf SystemsRoom Airconditioners:
  • Window Airconditioners
  • Split Airconditioners
  • Cassette Airconditioners
  • Verticool Split Acs
  • Concealed Split Acs

Lately the Japanese conglomerates like Sharp,Hitachi,Daikin have also put emphasis on launching premium Air Conditioning units in India given that Indians are increasingly getting concerned about the Energy Efficiency.The Electricity Bills have balooned given the rising electricity prices making people focus on premium Energy Star products which consume less energy.

There are also Middle Eastern Brands like General which have a niche strong presence in the premium space and have been present in the Air Conditioning Market for a long time.Local companies like Videocon and Onida have a presence in this market though their marketshare is quite small.



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    wetac are acoustic enclosure manufacturer for ac manufactring company

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    Hello guys what a nice blog that give information of different criteria before buying the AC to your home, prices of different AC and many more. thanks keep it up.

  3. Akshat Saxena

    Hello mam,one of my friend suggested me to buy an AC from his showroom.He is dealing products of comany named “Techumshaw” but I have never heard about this company.Can you please suggest me what should I do?


    I wish to purchase A/C . I am confused to select one Which one is best for 160 square feet room


    Can you suggest best Ac (3 star 1.5 Ton) premium Energy Star products which consume less energy with good service point of view.

    My colleagues have suggested my to buy Hitachi/Lg product.

    Kindly suggest.
    Thank you,

    G. Srinivasa Rao
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  6. Sneha Shah

    Hello Mr. Rao,

    I personally like LG ACs. They are known for low power consumption and better performance.

  7. Yatendra Rawat

    Is Voltas 185 EY 5 Star a good AC.

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  9. Vijay Sekhar

    Buy mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioner if you want durability.It will last for 10+ years without any problem. It’s performance will blow your mind. But careful with the service. Some areas don’t have good service. Search for authorized sellers of that company. Only they provide perfect installation and service. My unit was made in Thailand.Works like a charm.bought from authorized seller/service personel who are expert technicians also.