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LED Exit Signs – Types (Edge-Lit,Thermoplastic),Cost Emergency and Retrofit Signs,List of UL Approved Suppliers

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LED Exit SignExit Sign is an important legal safety requirement, in case of any emergency like fire in any building. An LED exit sign is an illuminated sign that uses LED light to illuminate the word “EXIT. The traditional incandescent & fluorescent technology that are used, consume large amounts of energy & also require frequent maintenance. Since these signs operate 24*7, there is a need to replace incandescent bulbs with efficient models with long lives to help reduce maintenance cost and effort. They offer savings of up to $300 per sign in reduced energy, materials, and labor costs as compared with standard incandescent models. LED exit signs are an array of very small LEDs either red or green in colour arranged in a line or circularly. Many exit signs come with a battery backup since they need to remain lit at the time of emergency, when a building’s power is interrupted. It is a good option that buyers should look for. LED exit signs work at 120V or 277V. Exit sign manufacturers have made these products available at very competent prices. They are also easy to install. LED exit signs need to be approved for use by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and should be compliant with local and federal building codes.

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  • Energy Efficient – LED Exit signs consume less power (less than 5 watts electricity) as compared to the normal CFL signs, which means not only there is a reduction in the electricity bills but also less pollution.
  • Bright – Due to the monochromatic nature of the light that LEDs emit, they are more brighter than the incandescent signs.
  • Low Maintenance – Many LED exit sign manufacturers claim that their products would maintain the standard levels of illuminate for 80,000 hours, as compared to 2,500 hours with the normal sign boards.
  • Reasonable price – All these features are available for prices beginning at 20$.


  • Thermoplastic LED Exit sign – These are the most versatile type of exit sign ie. they are applicable to almost every type of installation. They are very affordable – for prices beginning at 20$ per unit. They are useful for indoor use. They come with one backplate, two exit faceplates, one mounting plate & installation hardware. Some manufacturers also supply an emergency lighting unit along with these LED exit signs as a combo model. These emergency lights become very handy incase of any emergency situation.
  • Cast Aluminum LED Exit sign– They are durable & attractive & are used in schools & hospitals. They are sleeker than the thermoplastic signs. They come in aluminum, black & white finish.
  • Edge-lit LED Exit sign – They have a recess mounted aluminum housing, which gives it an elegant look. It is brighter& glows more than the above two types. They are used in hospitals, offices, universities etc.


  1. ENCORE LIGHTING – Started in 2003 in New York, the company specialises in Exit & Emergency lights. It manufactures all kinds of LED exit signs – thermoplastic, steel, die cast,edge lit. It has also launched the UNO series which is a fully universal LED Edgelit Exit Sign with a brushed die cast aluminum housing and trim plate & Endurance CX Series which is a recessed mounted LED Edgelit Exit Sign utilizing two adjustable high brightness White LED lamps for downlighting.
  2. PACE LITES – is the manufacturer of emergency lights, exit signs, and emergency ballasts. The products are manufactured in our plants in China, warehoused in the US & are based in Sodus, NY. PACE LITES offers a complete line of UL approved emergency lights, exit signs and emergency ballasts. They have everything to offer in LED exit signs ranging from thermoplastic, thermoplastic combo, wet location combo to edge lit LED, surface mount edge lit LED, die cast aluminium LED.
  3. BC HYDRO – BC Hydro provides energy solutions to customers in an environmentally and socially responsible way. It plans and delivers the clean energy required to meet British Columbia’s growing demand for electricity while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. MULE LIGHTING – Mule Lighting is in the lighting business since 1923 in US. Their wide range of exit signs, emergency lighting units, fluorescent battery packs and emergency power systems meet the requirements for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. It has a separate division for LED lighting by the name of LED ALUX. It manufactures a variety of LED Exit signs – MX series, Arris series, Pivotal series, ROBO series,Meridian series, E- star series,classic series, pinnacle series.
  5. LITHONIA LIGHTING – The company business line includes commercial, industrial, institutional and residential fixtures. It is an Acuity Brands Company & is into business since the last 60 years in Conyers, US. The company manufactures all kinds of LED Exit signs in red green & grey colors: edge – lit exit with LED lamps, die- cast aluminium exits with LED lamps, surface mount edge lit with LED lamps, die- cast aluminium exits with LED lamps with FIDO wireless monitoring system, steel exits with LED lamps, vandal resistant all conditions exits with LED lamps.
  6. GRAINGER– Grainger’s customers are 2.0 million businesses and institutions in 157 countries. It has business segments mainly in US & Canada & operating units in India, China, Mexico, Columbia, Japan, Puerto Rico and Panama. It’s wide product range includes lighting, electrical, adhesives, painting, power transmission & office fixtures. The LED exit signs at Grainger have a fully automatic solid state charging system for at least 90 minutes of emergency power. LED exit signs from Grainger provide reliable results while using less energy. They also offer emergency lighting fixtures combination with the exit signs.

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