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How to Save Electricity and Reduce Home Power Bills in India (Simple Ways for Lighting,Home Appliances and Entertainment)

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India suffers from a massive electricity deficit with large swathes of the country undergoing power blackouts of as long as 8-10 hours on a regular basis.The problem becomes even more acute in the summer season when air conditioners are being used in an increasing number of homes and offices.The industry too is using more and more amounts of electricity as the Indian economic growth rate has exceeded at 8% in the last few years.The electricity situation has not improved and looks like it will become more miserable.The sorry state of affairs is that the cost of fuel is rising but the electricity regulators are loath to increase prices.This means that Indian electric utilities will supply low power as they will be reluctant to buy higher cost electricity.According to CEA,India had a peak demand of around 116 MW in Apri-Dec 2009 with 101 GW of Supply resulting in a 12.5% Demand Deficit.The Fast Growing Economy has resulted in even higher demand for power which has not been met by increased demand.

With an investment of 10 billion dollars in energy efficiency improvements, India’s economy could save  183.5 billion kilowatt hours, according to a new report from the World Resources Institute (WRI).

Total Installed Capacity By Energy Source

India’s Electricity comes mostly from Coal and Hydro Based Energy.Almost 50% of Energy Requirements and 53% of the Electricity is generated from Coal.Despite Coal being the the Dirtiest Form of Energy,India has got little choice in the matter.Most of India’s upcoming Electricity Plants are based on Coal.Hydro Energy is generated mostly from India’s Northern Himalayan States.State Run Companies NHPC and SJVN are responsible for most of the Hydro Capacity.Some private players like the JP Group are also entering the picture.India’s Nuclear Energy Capacity is quite low,however the recent India USA Nuclear Deal should improve that with India planning around 2 GW of Nuclear Capacity addition per year.Renewable Energy forms only 7.7% of the Capacity with around 11 GW of the 16 GW from Wind Energy.

Relying on Coal Power is dangerous for the environment as it results in high pollution and emission of green house gases not to speak about the indirectly related deaths of coal miners.The Disadvantages of Coal are many and Green Companies in India are increasing to fill the Gap.However even with all sources of energy being pressed India will still remain in deficit making it important to save electricity which is the easiest way.

Why India’s Green Energy 12th Five Year Plan Target of 17000 MW is Too Low

Ways to Save Electricity at Home


1) Buy energy saving light bulbs

2) Use LED Lights and CFL Bulbs.They provide more energy and have higher efficiency compared to normal bulbs and lights.They are also economical in the long run

3) Turn off Lights wherever possible,Use less lights in home and light them only when necessary.In case of offices use automatic sensors which shut off the lighting system when not in use

4) Unplug the electrical appliances when you are not using them as they take a small amount of electricity even when they are not being used

5) Use light coloured curtains and make use of the natural sunlight as much as possible

Home Appliances

1) Keep Refrigerators at optimum tempereature  as Refrigerators account for about 20% of Household electricity use.
Make sure your dishwasher is full when you run it and use the energy saving setting, if available, to allow the dishes to air dry. Regularly defrost manual-defrost refrigerators and freezers and Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight.Avoid putting hot or warm food straight into the fridge

2) Replace conventional regulators with electronic regulators for Fans

3) Use Microwave ovens as they are more energy efficient than gas stoves

4) Washing Machines should only be used with full loads with optimal amount of water and detergent.

5) For Air Conditioners always keep them in energy saving mode.Don’t keep them at too cold a setting which will waste large amounts of energy as well.Make sure that that the AC is shaded and not exposed to direct sunlight.Keep the room tightly sealed and always use ceiling fans as they reduce the amount of electricity.

6) Use Energy Star Home Appliances in India which come with a star rating from BEE.

Televisions,LCDs and Computers

1) Do not switch on the power when Audio Visual   Systems are not in use

2) Keep your Screen in a power saving mode

3) For those replacing their old TV sets,buy a LED TV  which is much more efficient at saving power than a LCD.A Plasma TV uses much more power and should be avoided.

4) Do not keep the chargers for your laptop and mobile phones plugged in as they also draw small amounts of power constantly.

Last of all try and use Renewable Energy if you can afford it.




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  1. Hicran

    I assume you mean 60-70 kitwoalt-hours. To average that amount of energy, you’d need a 10 kW solar array where I live, larger is most of the USA. That’s really at the high end of what people put up, unless they’re very well off.The best way to get an accurate estimate for your neesd is to contact a solar installer in your area. Look in an old-style phone book under “solar” and arrange for a free quote. Then you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not. The costs will likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars.If you want to see what we did, you can email me through my profile. However, our system is considerably more modest than the specs you propose. The usual strategy is to get your house’s energy usage down by conservation, insulation, and efficiency, first, then go for a much smaller solar installation.

  2. Aditi

    Nice information,i just want to suggest one more option,that is we should use sustainable energy resources or natural energy resources like solar power energy. I am currently using solar power energy not only to generate electricity but to help to sustain environment.I have recently installed Insolergy solar plant.It is helping for my household work.If you want to install the same you can visit on their site.

  3. Sanjay Mittal

    Where ever possible we must go for natural lighting.
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  5. Ka

    Please research more about on microwave use. It has been shown to create a lot of health hazards. We here in India are still uninformed about it. So kindly consider that recommendation to use microwave.

  6. Vignesh


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    Great! Good to know that world is getting aware. In Australia, we have LED upgrade scheme. It is a scheme by government for residentials and commercials to save energy and make environment more green by changing CFLs and old bulbs with LEDs .

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    Great! Conserving energy at this age is very important. I really appreciate Australian government’s LED upgrade scheme. The scheme is helping homes and commercials to save energy and to make environment a greener place by changing CFLs and old bulbs with LEDs. It will eventually reduce carbon footprint.

  11. Manisha Methvani

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    Glad to know that India is also doing something to save energy. It’s a high time. All the counties in the world should unite and make a plan to save energy on a global level. Kudos to Australian Government’s energy efficient scheme. We all should get inspired.

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