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Fly Ash Water Pollution lead to NTPC Thermal Power Plant Shutdown in Talcher,Orissa

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Fly Ash Pollution of nearby water bodies had forced the Orissa State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) to issue a notice to the massive 3000 MW NTPC Talcher Thermal Power Plant.While the notice asked for immediate shutdown of 4 units of 500 MW,NTPC has only closed down 1 unit citing that closing more units will lead to massive power disruptions in nearby states.The action comes following NTPC bad fly ash management system which has led to two past incidences of water pollution.There was a  danger that the massive amounts of fly ash being generated would lead to breakdown of the storage dykes and lead to more pollution.

India depends heavily on coal for almost 70% of its electricity needs and it will continue to increase as Indian power producers build massive coal power plants due to the cheapness of coal.The Disadvantages of Coal have been suppressed as Coal is looked upon as the only solution to India’s massive growing energy needs.However Coal is already creating problems as the Environment Ministry has prevented coal mining in forest ares leading to shortages of coal.Power Company Buying of Foreign Coal Mines is hitting a hurdle with those countries putting levies and minimum prices on coal.Besides global coal prices have increased manifold making it difficult for electricity companies to import coal as China too hogs up coal to fuel its massive economy.India may need to reconsider its Coal Powered Economy due to the growing environmental problems associated with Coal.Note in developed countries building of new thermal power plants has almost stopped due to strong opposition from green groups.

NTPC shuts down 500-mw unit on Orissa pollution board order

NTPC has shut down one of its four 500-mw thermal power generation units at Kanhia in response to a closure notice by Orissa State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) following the power major’s faulty fly ash management plan.n July, 2010 and on June 3, 2011, there were breaches in the dykes and ash slurry oozed out of the pond.In the first incident it entered Nandira river, a tributory of Brahmani, and contaminated it, while in the other incident the breach was limited to NTPC’s own area and did not cause any damage to public health.


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