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Green Self Service Kiosks by India’s Largest Bank SBI to save Thousands of Trees,reduce GHG Emissions

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Green Self Service Kiosks are set to become ubiquitous in branches run by India’s largest bank State Bank of India.Finance has been greatly been benefited by the Information Technology solution reducing transactions costs and time greatly.Banks in India have been slow to roll out Technology Platforms .India due to the lack of penetration of technology has been far behind with large swathes of its population bereft of access to technology.SBI however has come up with an innovative idea Green Channel Counters (GCCs) which is a low cost solution to reduce costs and improve efficiency.These self service kiosks have a screen,keypad,passbook printers etc through which a customer of the bank can perform most of the functions.This would reduce the need for staffing and also lead to saving of paper.Normally it require a ton of forms to perform various functions like depositing,withdrawing money.However with these kiosks most of it can be done online which would greatly reduce paper usage saving trees as a result.

Note the 57 GCCs installed by SBI has been a great success and the Bank plans to install 5000 more of these kiosks countrywide .Note efficiency is the best and cheapest path to reducing GHG emissions and reducing global warming.In fact ,efficiency is the only way to mitigate climate change in a profitable manner as the SBI’s  GCC shows.

SBI to open over 5,000 green channel counters this year

State Bank of India today said it will open over 5,000 green channel counters (GCCs) this year.Speaking on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the nation”s largest lender at its headquarters, Bank chairman Pratip Chaudhuri said 57 GCCs had been inaugurated on the SBI Day last year.These kiosks can do as many as 16 basic functions, including funds transfer, passbook printing, cheque-book requisitions, TDR opening, stop payments etc, he said, adding in future, bill payments, Railway bookings, SBI Life payments etc, will also be enabled.


Abhishek Shah

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