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List of Cloud Computing Companies in India – Poised for Growth

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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server-based computational resources via a digital network Internet connection using the World Wide Web, etc.). Cloud users may access the server resources using a computer, netbook, pad computer, smart phone, or other device. In cloud computing, applications are provided and managed by the cloud server and data is also stored remotely in the cloud configuration. Users do not download and install applications on their own device or computer; all processing and storage is maintained by the cloud server. The on-line services may be offered from a or by a private organization.

How it differs from the Client Server Model

Cloud computing differs from the classic client-server model by providing applications from a server that are executed and managed by a client’s web browser, with no installed client version of an application required. Centralization gives cloud service providers complete control over the versions of the browser-based applications provided to clients, which removes the need for version upgrades or license management on individual client computing devices.Any computer or web-friendly device connected to the Internet may access the same pool of computing power, applications, and files in a cloud-computing environment. Data is centrally stored, so the user does not need to carry a storage medium such as a DVD or thumb drive. Desktop applications that connect to internet-host email providers may be considered cloud applications, including web-based Gmail,Hotmail. Private companies may also make use of their own customized cloud email servers for their employees.

What does a Cloud User Need

A cloud user needs a client device such as a laptop or desktop computer, pad computer, smart phone, or other computing resource with a web browser (or other approved access route) to access a cloud system via the World Wide Web. Typically the user will log into the cloud at a service provider or private company, such as their employer. Cloud computing works on a client-server basis, using web browser protocols. The cloud provides server-based applications and all data services to the user, with output displayed on the client device.

List of Cloud Computing Companies in India

Cloud Computing in India is also showing sharp growth due to inherent value created by this new technology paradigm.A number of small companies have started taking a lead in the space like Zenith,Wolf etc.Given that Cloud Computing is rapidly becoming pervasive in the entire IT area,most top Indian IT companies have also  started rolling out cloud computing products.

1) Zenith Infotech – is an international company serving IT Service Providers worldwide. It has its headquarters is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Since its inception in 1996,the company has focused around identifying emerging enterprise-class technologies and designing solutions catered to the small and medium business. It enables IT service providers to profitably grow their business with the help of cost-effective solutions. Its cloud computing service includes:

2) Smartstyle computing – is a private cloud solution consisting of servers, storage and advanced server, network and storage virtualization technology that allows VARs, IT service providers, system integrators to deliver IT as a service to its customers. By creating a low cost private solution for a monthly fee to the IT channel, Zenith Infotech is helping the IT channel capitalize on the cloud computing trend and further their managed service relationship with their customers. The basic building blocks of a SmartStyle Computing solution are cloud servers (CS). Each cloud server is a complete system consisting of processing capacity (CPU, memory), advanced storage and virtualization technology. A customer can start with one cloud server and then add more as further processing and/or storage capacity is needed. Multiple cloud servers combine to form a highly redundant computing grid which can be used for running virtual machines, providing business continuity as well as iSCSI storage all at the same time.

3) Mirror cloud – MirrorCloud is an add-on technology to the SmartStyle Computing platform, which provides business continuity and data restoration for existing physical or virtual Windows servers or desktops. MirrorCloud is a lightweight software agent, which mirrors the contents of the Windows machine to a SmartStyle environment on a near real-time basis.

4) Wolf Frameworks – WOLF is a Cloud Computing platform designed to help design, deliver and use Software as a Service applications using only a web browser. It helps professionals and businesses to focus on application innovation, rapid speed to market & continuous enhancement rather than writing routine technical code and managing the infrastructure behind it. It allows designing and delivering comprehensive business applications for managing and collecting data, streamlining collaborative processes and providing actionable analysis.It helps deliver a variety of Web based Business Productivity SaaS applications, Utilities and embeddable widgets. Right from mini ERP and CRM to fully fledged HR and Accounting systems, WOLF is ideally suited for delivering complex business applications 70 percent faster at less than half the cost.

5) Google -Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Beginning in 1996, Google has grown by leaps and bounds, offering dozens of products and services including various forms of advertising and web applications in different languages. Google has been pushing the technological bounds of cloud computing for more than ten years. Advantages of the Google cloud are:

  1. Faster access to innovation drives higher productivity
  2. Users adopt new functionality with less disruption
  3. Employees can be productive from anywhere
  4. Google’s cloud enables faster collaboration
  5. Google’s immense security investments help protect customers
  6. Less data is stored on vulnerable devices
  7. Customers get higher reliability and uptime
  8. Google Apps offers extensive flexibility and control
  9. Customers spend less through Google’s economies of scale

6) NetMagic – Netmagic Solutions is India’s leading Managed IT Hosting Services Provider, specializing in Internet Datacenter & Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management, Managed Security, Cloud Computing, Application Hosting, Messaging & Collaboration and Disaster Recovery & Availability.Netmagic’s suite of Cloud computing solutions now includes the public, private and hybrid cloud.designed a comprehensive cloud ecosystem to power up our customer’s business, we made sure to use it to build and support our own systems first. The good news is: the cloud does work. By giving you greater control over your infrastructure and saving costs, our cloud services manage to simplify and scale up business without investing in physical infrastructure. With SimpliCloud, Netmagic’s latest public cloud offering, your projects and ideas can get access to enterprise-class IT setups made up of servers, network, and storage resources at a fraction of cost. With Enterprise cloud enhance operational efficiency and minimize cost, and get scalability and elasticity at the same time.

7) Ramco – flexible enterprise applications that can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively into complex environments. It also gives companies the agility they need to stay competitive by enabling fast, flexible deployment and change on demand of business applications. Ramco VirtualWorks ensures maximum flexibility to execute a business process strategy – so when business needs change systems change automatically.Ramco, part of the Ramco Group, has delivered enterprise software and services since 1999. Today, Ramco is a global provider with customers in 35 countries and more than 1,500 employees in 9 countries.

8) TCS – IT services, business solutions and outsourcing bring you a level of certainty that no other competitor can match. You will experience your requirements being met on time, within budget and with high quality; greater efficiency and responsiveness to your business; and the ability to shift investment to strategic initiatives rather than tactical functions.TCS perspectives on various aspects of Cloud Computing: Types of Cloud delivery models, “Public” Cloud Computing for Enterprise business and its challenges, Public-Private & Federated Clouds, Next Generation Computing Services and Benefits of the Cloud

Other companies in this space are Infosys, Wipro and the other India IT biggies besides companies focused exclusively on the Cloud Computing Space like Orangescape.


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    Well compiled list. Listed above are some of the prominant cloud computing companies in India. Also I would like to add Cloudenablers to this list. Cloudenablers is chennai based cloud computing company provides various cloud related services like openstack services, cloud migration services, and more.

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    Thanks for sharing this nice list of cloud computing companies. I think for the next time you can include one another leading cloud company “BluePi” in the list.

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    Thanks for sharing the well compiled list. I would like to suggest “Aashna Cloudtech” one of the leading cloud solution providers and implementation partners.

  4. Mohit

    Thanks for the list however with changing environment and news of US companies being tracked or data being used by US intelligence has put serious questions on hiring a non-Indian company for Cloud.

    Can you also provide list of Top 10 Pure Indian (based and having hosting server in India) companies providing cloud services?

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