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Groupon in India (Sosasta) seems a Massive Failure with Really Bad Service,Pathetic Choice of Vendors who can’t perform and Total Lack of Customer Service

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Groupon the most popular daily deal website in the world which has filed for a multi billion dollar IPO seems to be on the way to a massive failure in India at least.The company entered India quite late after numerous such companies like Snapdeal,Taggle,Cityoffers,MyDala etc. etc had already set up camp.Groupon did this by acquiring one of the many myriad startups in this space SoSasta.But any hopes that Groupon would differentiate itself from the rest of the group has not proven true.It is marked by the same indifference to customers like the rest of the service providers in India like broadband companies Airtel,Tata Indicom etc.It totally lacks in any sense in choosing its vendors since I have personally experienced 2 vendors that were totally zoned out and had no idea in what they had gotten into.Sosasta or Groupon instead of promptly acting on the complaint had done nothing despite repeated complaints by me on phone and email.By the way it is a tough task getting to the customer service of Groupon through phone as nobody picks up.

The vendor choice itself shows total lack of judgment and good sense it seems and the contract law being what it is in India,any customer who goes to Sosasta is totally on his own if he wants to recover money which he has to pay upfront.I had personally applied to 2 vendors and nobody has been able to give the required service in the 2 months that had been alloted.After phoning Sosasta 3 times and mailing them twice I finally recieved the money back ,however in the case of the second service ,even after mailing them twice nothing has happened.On top of that the customer care phone numbers don’t pick up the phone.

For investors who are thinking that Groupon is the next thing after Google think twice before putting your money.Groupon or Sosasta is no different from the myriad other daily deal services and probably worse than the Daily Deal sites in India.It suffers from all the problems that service providers in India face and its management quality in India hardly seems up to the mark.It seems that Groupon was in a hurry to expand into India and has not done proper due diligence.If other readers have an experience to share then please comment as my observations are based on my experience only.


Abhishek Shah

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