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BJP finds it hard to fight Congress on Anti-Corruption as its own Ministers(Kalia,Swarna Ram,Yeddurappa) Indulge in Land Scams

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BJP,the chief opposition party in India is finding it hard to fight the ruling party’s widespread corruption as its leader are too compromised in land scams of their own.The Karnataka ministers of the BJP are known to be amongst the most corrupt in the country with the CM himself indulging in land scams along with his sons.The Bellary trio of Reddy  brothers have amassed billions of dollars through plundering iron ore illegally and having literally bought the government in Karnataka for the BJP with their ill-gotten wealth.Karnataka’s Chief Minister has justified corruption as tradition and despite huge pressure to resign managed to survive due to unique caste politics of India .The Supreme Court has called the corruption in India “mind boggling” while the Chief Vigilance Officer had earlier called 30% of India’s population utterly corrupt.Now the BJP’s ministers in the Punjab government have been accused of land scams in the state.Two of the BJP ministers Manoranjan Kalia and Swarna Ram have been implicated in a Land deal on the outskirts of Chandigarh.Kalia holds the industries and local bodies portfolio, Ram is social welfare and justice minister.

Note  BJP is fighting back saying that CBI is being used as a weapon by the centre against the BJP but the charges seem to have basis as it is thinking of sacking those ministers.The Lok Janpal Bill proved that India’s middle class has gotten extremely tired of the scam a day politics but the parties seem to have learned  nothing.The ruling party Congress instead of trying to correct this cancer (another Congress CM Gehlot accused of corruption)  has been busy character assasinating the civil society activists in the Lokpal Panel.What is funny is that the people who are trying to malign the activists are themselves accused of corruption.This Daily Propaganda against Civil Rights activists shows that the politicians were never serious about bringing a serious anti-corruption bill in the country.They had to accept a temporary surrender as the Middle Class came out in the millions in the streets.But once the heat has dissipated,the smear campaign and attempt to discredit and derail the bill has started.While the PM keeps mouthing empty words about taking strong action against corruption,his ministers keep undermining the fight against corruption by mud slinging

BJP has formula to deal with Punjab ministers

The Bharatiya Janata Party may replace Punjab ministers being questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation in a bribery case, in a bid to insulate the party from a counter-attack on corruption.

BJP’s core group, which met here on Wednesday, was of the view that the party cannot be seen turning a blind eye to the case when it was taking on the Manmohan Singh government on corruption issues. Punjab ministers Manoranjan Kalia and Swarna Ram, who appeared before CBI on Monday, were questioned in a case related to a land deal.


Abhishek Shah

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