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Japan to Kill New Nuclear Energy (Toshiba),Support Renewable Energy – Will India Learn (Jaitapur)

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Nuclear Energy has been dealt a very heavy blow with Japan deciding to stop building any new nuclear plants from now onwards.PM Kan in a dramatic move announced that Japan’s plan to build 14 new nuclear reactors which would increase the share of nuclear power to 50% from 30% has been canceled.The new energy plan of Japan will have more focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.Note Germany had already shut down 7 of its old nuclear plants with immediate effect following the Fukushima disaster.These nuclear reactors have almost no chance of being started back as hundreds of thousands of German protested against nuclear energy and the Green Party won its first government in Germany.Italy and Switzerland too have put their nuclear power plants under review while other countries too are slowing down the approval process for new nuclear reactors.Nuclear Power in its current form seems to be dying in the developed world  with other developed countries too facing opposition to nuclear plants.Note the effects of Nuclear Radiation are quite deadly and widespread even in lower doses or sieverts as was brought to the fore during the Fukushima disaster.It can lead to billions of dollars in lost economic activity.Already 3 major disasters have unfolded in the last 40 years in USA,Russia and Japan despite the safety touted by the Nuclear Industry.

Nuclear Plants face massive cost overruns as well

New Nuclear Power Plants face massive delays leading to much higher costs as rule and regulations become tougher.The Nuclear Power Already the nuclear renaissance which was supposed to be boosted by India and China is coming under attack.India’s nuclear power plant to be built at Jaitapur by Areva is seeing massive protests by local villagers as well as intellectuals alike.India has around 4.5 GW of Nuclear Power Plant Capacity which it proposes to increase by around 1-2 GW every year.This will hardly make a huge difference to India’s massive power needs which rerquires 10 GW of power every year.Nuclear Energy Disadvantages with the Tail Risk of a Meltdown are too huge to be ignored.China is the other country with massive nuclear power plans,however the government too has decided to be careful.China has more than doubled its solar power target to 50 GW by 2020 from 20 GW.

Japan which is home to one of the three biggest nuclear equipment suppliers Toshiba has decided to not build nuclear plants.It will be interesting to see how Toshiba-Westinghouse persuade other countries to build nuclear reactors for providing electricity.Nuclear Waste is already a huge problem which has not been solved by two of the biggest nuclear power countries Japan and USA.Both countries have failed to build nuclear waste recycling facilities despite having  thousands of tons these hazardous,deadly waste

Japan to scrap plan to boost nuke energy to 50 pct

Japan will scrap a plan to obtain half of its electricity from nuclear power and will instead promote renewable energy as a result of its ongoing nuclear crisis, the prime minister said Tuesday.

Naoto Kan said Japan needs to “start from scratch” on its long-term energy policy after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant was heavily damaged by a March 11 earthquake and tsunami and began leaking radiation.

Japan’s nuclear plants supplied about 30 percent of the country’s electricity, and the government had planned to raise that to 50 percent.

Kan told a news conference that nuclear and fossil fuel used to be the pillars of Japanese energy policy but now it will add two more — renewable energy such as solar, wind and biomass, and an increased focus on conservation


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