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Toxic Nuclear Waste to be Dumped on Poor Citizens Mongolia by Japan,USA for Toshiba,GE Nuclear Reactors

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Japan and USA have failed to open a permanent nuclear waste storage site despite decades of planning and with thousands of tons of nuclear waste lying in temporary pools.The problems of Nuclear Waste were brought to the fore in the Fukushima Nuclear Accident where spend fuel rods which are a high level nuclear waste where the chief cause of radioactive emissions.USA too has failed to open a nuclear waste storage site despite almsot 30 years and most of the nuclear waste lies near nuclear plants in concrete storage

Now the 2 Countries Plan to Open Nuclear Waste Storage in Mongolia

Mongolia has been chosen by the two countries to open a nuclear wastes storage site for their companies radioactive waste.GE-Hitachi and Toshiba-Westinghouse are two of  the three largest nuclear equipment suppliers in the world and have big plans to export billions of dollars of reactors to emerging markets.These will generate huge levels of nuclear waste which would need disposing of.Mongolia is a  convenient dumping ground as it a developing country with lax environmental laws.The country has big plans for uranium extraction and building on nuclear power plants as well.Monatom the government miner plans to mine huge amounts of uranium from the country’s huge reserves to export to developing markets like China,India,Vietnam and others.Another case of dumping of toxic waste on developing countries by developed countries.Note the citizens of Japan and USA have made life difficult for those wanting to construct permanent nuclear waste storage facilities.Having failed to dump dangerous waste near their citizens,the government of these countries plan to dump the radioactive waste on poor citizens of Mongolia.

The Effects of Nuclear Waste are quite dangerous and this is the reason why despite billions of dollars USA has failed to construct a nuclear storage site for its dangerously growing nuclear waste stockpile

USA Nuclear Waste Policy

The US has 65,192 tonnes of the waste but the nation has no place to permanently store the material, which stays dangerous for tens of thousands of years.Currently, there are no permanent disposal facilities in the United States for high-level nuclear waste; therefore commercial high-level waste (spent fuel) is in temporary storage, mainly at nuclear power plants.A permanent facility was planned in the Yucca Mountains in Nevada by the Congress in 1987.This  project that has long been the subject environmental and political opposition and with the Obama administration cutting funding this project appears to be in limbo after $9 billion was spent.

Japan Nuclear Waste Policy

Japan has a policy of reprocessing all nuclear waste unlike the USA however its nuclear storage policy too is highly dangerous.. The government and electric utilities state that this is the best policy for nuclear waste management since this process extracts the most highly radioactive materials and concentrates them into a relatively small volume as high level radioactive waste (HLW). The HLW is then vitrified (glassified) and put into stainless steel canisters. Japanese national law calls for permanent disposal of this high level waste in a deep geological final repository in a yet undesignated place in Japan.

The government estimates that approximately 31,000 canisters of HLW will be generated by nuclear power plant operation by the year 2010. Since a final repository site is yet to be determined for the high level waste, the vitrified HLW canisters now being generated by reprocessing in Europe are being shipped to Aomori Prefecture for temporary above ground storage for 30-50 years.

Japan, U.S. plan nuclear waste storage in Mongolia: paper

Japan and the United States plan to jointly build a spent nuclear fuel storage facility in Mongolia to serve customers of their nuclear plant exporters, pushing ahead despite Japan’s prolonged nuclear crisis, the Mainichi daily said on Monday.A Trade Ministry official said Japan, U.S. and Mongolia officials, at a meeting shortly before Japan’s March 11 earthquake, informally discussed possible construction of a nuclear waste storage facility for countries with nuclear power plants but no spent fuel storage capability of their own.He said there were no concrete plans at this time but the ministry would consider such a project if Mongolia were interested.

The Mainichi said the facility would allow Japanese and U.S. nuclear plant exporters, which include joint ventures and units of General Electric, Hitachi and Toshiba, to better compete with Russian rivals that offer potential nuclear plant customers spent fuel disposal in a package.Mongolia plans to have its first nuclear power plant by 2020 and to build nuclear fuel production capacity to tap its rich uranium resources, undeterred by the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power complex, a senior official at the state-owned MonAtom LLC said in April.MonAtom represents the Mongolian government in mining and developing the country’s uranium resources.


Abhishek Shah

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  1. saxime

    does this fair to the people who live in poor country ? and if is toxic wast clean to enviroment ?

  2. baadai it true ? i m mongolian….if that countries going to put nuclear trush in mongolia…mongolian citizens going to start war……lol…it’s unfair….all mongolian people going to stop this stupid contract…i hope if its happend in mongolia, all worlds people join us to stop that……what do you guys think about it? i need support…..

  3. orolzod

    It is not fair to the Mongolian citizens. Just because the country is poor and its government is corrupted, th U.S. and Japan should not even try to take advantage of the innocent Mongolians. As God says, Love Your Neighbors. Don’t be so selfish!