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Wind Energy in Gujarat to see Easy Electricity Connection as Wind Growth slows down

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Gujarat has been leading Indian states in the Solar Energy sector signing PPAs to build more than 900 MW of power capacity in the next couple of years even as the federal subsidy JNNSM flounders.Gujarat is one of the leading industrialized states in the country and has been looking  to boost renewable energy sources like Tidal Energy,Offshore Wind Energy,Geothermal Energy as well.Wind Energy has also been in the radar of the state government which is looking to realize the 10 GW potential of Wind Energy in the state.After a strong 2009 when 295 MW of Wind Power was installed that slowed down to 100 MW.The main reason was the unavailability of the power grid to connect wind power plants.Note Gujarat possesses one of the best wind sites in the country in the western part of Saurahstra.

Gujarat has not been immune to the problems facing the growth of Green Energy in India that is the lack of expertise in solar energy installations,lack of power grid infrastructure .However the government has been proactive in removing hurdles and attracting investment from foreign manufacturers of green power equipment as well.Top Green Companies like Siemens have already committed money in investing in wind power equipment.Solar Power in India despite the initial hiccups has a huge potential due to the unique set of factors favoring solar energy in the country.Gujarat has reportedly acquired 3000 acres at Charnaka village in Patan District which it will give to solar project developers to install solar panels. In the First Phase of this projects,80 Developers will install 1-45 MW Solar Plants to generate 500 MW capacity.The next phase will feature another 500 MW of capacity.


Abhishek Shah

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