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Osama lived amongst affluent retired Pakistan officials,tracked through 4 year Courier and Burnt Trash,Body to be Buried in Islamic Tradition

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Osama Bin Laden used to live in an area which was populated with affluent retired Pakistani senior military offiicers.The compound had 18 foot walls,barbed wire and internet connections.The compound was built in Abbotabad which is just 35 kms away from the Pakistan capital of Islamabad.Living in such a big compound amongst important military officials it would take a really dumb person to think that Pakistan government did not know or shelter Osama Bin Laden.It is a damning indictment of the Pakistani establisment.Note a number of terrorist incidents have a common origin in Pakistan.The Mumbai terrorist bombing in which the prime accused has said that Pakistani government officials were in the know about the bombings in which Americans and Israelis were targeted in India’s financial capital Mumbai.The failed London bombing too had its origin in Pakistan.Now this operation which was conduced in the very heart of Pakistan to kill the most dreaded terrorist the world has seen.

Osama tracked through courier and burnt trash

Osama was identified from a courier which was being tracked for almost 4 years by the CIA.The family living in the compound was said to have closely matched that of Osama.Another indicator was that the trash in the compound was burnt rather than being thrown away like in other houses in the vicinity.All these clues led the American military to mount an operation through helicopters in the middle of Sunday night on 1st May 2011.Pakistan government was not informed and has feigned ignorance.

Osama shot in the head will be buried in the sea in 24 hrs in Islamic tradition

Osama put up a resistance and was shot dead in the head along with 3 others.The body was taken by the Amercian soliders in the helicopters one of which crashed.Osama will be buried in the sea in 24 hrs which is according to the Islamic tradition.With Osama a number of ghosts of the 2001 September attack have been exhumed bringing closure to thousands of victims and their families around the world

White House officials reveal details of Bin Laden operation

Beginning in September 2010 the Central Intelligence Agency was said to have discussed with Mr. Obama “a set of assessments that led it to believe that in fact it was possible that Osama Bin Laden may be located at a compound in Pakistan.” Following these discussions, officials said, it was determined in mid-February that there was a sound intelligence basis for pursuing the lead in an aggressive way and “developing courses of action to pursue Osama Bin Laden at this location.”

With the raid sanctioned for Sunday May 1, the target was identified as an al Qaeda compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This was based on intelligence that that determined that Bin Laden was possibly living in this compound with in a large home with 18-foot walls and no telephone or internet connections.


Abhishek Shah

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