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Indian Politicians (Digvijay,Amar Singh) indulge in Character Assassination,Propaganda against Civil Rights Activists to stop Jan Lokpal Bill

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Indian Politicians after being forced to bend against the popular support received by Anna Hazare and other civil rights activists in the recent fast unto death for the Jan Lokpal Bill have resorted to their old dirty ways.The Congress Party which had tried all kinds of mud slinging tactics to discredit the Jan Lokpal Bill during the the Hunger Fast has started character assassination of the members in the committee to draft the Bill.Leading the charge are politicians like Digvijay Singh,Amar Singh and others who are hardly the paragons of virtue.Amar Singh is a politician without a base after being unceremoniously dumped by the Samajwadi Party.He is not trying to woo the ruling Congress Party by leveling charges against the Bhushans who are lawyers in the committee.Not to be left behind the Congress Ministers (Kapil Sibal saying that Lokpal would be useless) and leaders (Digvijay Singh) are in the news daily bringing fresh charges to smear members not even sparing eminent Jurist Santosh Hegde.Note Digvijay Singh himself finds himself accused in a number of scams while Amar Singh is known as a major wheeler dealer owning apartments in Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa.It is interesting that corruption allegations are being leveled against only the civil rights activists and not against the minister in the Jan Lokpal Committee.Indian politicians have banded together as they come under attack from the society.

This Daily Propaganda against Civil Rights activists shows that the politicians were never serious about bringing a serious anti-corruption bill in the country.They had to accept a temporary surrender as the Middle Class came out in the millions in the streets.But once the heat has dissipated,the smear campaign and attempt to discredit and derail the bill has started.While the PM keeps mouthing empty words about taking strong action against corruption,his ministers keep undermining the fight against corruption by mud slinging.The propaganda seems to be succeeding as Santosh Hegde says he is going to resign while Bhushans are under massive pressure.It seems that the Jan Lokpal will come to a sad end unless something dramatic happens.

Digvijay’s attack puts Lokpal panel on backfoot

The battle continues to rage between the political class and the activists over continuation of Shanti Bhushan in the Jan Lokpal Draft Committee, with senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh leading the charge from the front.”Shanti bhushan got his own CD examined by his personal friend to give himself a clean chit,” said Singh.He even took on another member of the committee – Justice Santosh Hegde, Karnataka’s Lokayukta.

“Justice Hegde is the Lokayukta of Karnataka, has corruption stopped there?” said Singh.Justice Hegde hit back at Digvijay Singh, and even threatened to resign from the panel.”I am deeply saddened. Will consult my colleagues in Delhi on Sunday,” said Hegde.The day finally ended with Digvijay offering an apology. “I am sorry if justice Hegde has been hurt,” he said.But with charges and counter charges by both sides increasing by the day, this is one battle, which is only going to intensify in the coming days.


Abhishek Shah

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