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Best and Worst Stock Markets to list a Renewable Energy Company (HangSeng,FTSE,Nasdaq)

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Renewable Energy Companies have started going public in a big way in the last 5 years as the Wind Industry has gone by around 30% CAGR in the last 10 years and the Solar Industry has grown by 50% CAGR.Both these industries have seen investments of more than $70 billion each in  2010.Solar companies which did not exist in public stock markets before 2006 have seen over 100 listings in the last 5 years in different stock exchanges around the world.Wind Industry which has been around much longer has not seen a lot of listings in the last 5 years as most of the companies are already listed.However a number of Chinese companies which have seen spectacular growth driven by the 100% growth per annum in the Chinese market have seen a number of listings.Other Renewable Energy companies have not been that prolific in public IPOs,though a number of clean technology companies have listed in the NASDAQ Market like Amyris,Tesla,Zipcars,A123 Systems and have gotten a good response.However for Renewable Energy Companies the USA Stock Markets have not proven very receptive in the last couple of years after seeing a boom of Chinese Solar Company listings.So which is the best stock market and the worst stock market to list if you are a Renewable Energy CFO?

Best Stock Market for Renewable Energy – Hang Seng

The Hang Seng Stock Market has proved to be the best stock market in recent years.It saw the blockbuster IPO of the Wind Farm subsidiary of Chinese giant utility Longyuan in Dec 2009.Though Goldwind and Sinovel faced tough times in listing,Sinovel managed a good listing.Datang too got listed though Huaneng failed.Trony Solar the largest Chinese Thin Film a-Si Comany which failed to get enough investor interest in the USA despite two  tries managed a good listing in Hong Kong.

USA Stock Markets for Renewable Energy IPOs – Middlish Performance

Renewable Energy Companies have faced a mixed performance in the USA.Most  like Daqo and Jinko Soar managed to list but fell after listing.First Wind Holdings a US based wind farm operator failed to list despite filing a S-1 with the SEC.While Clean Technology Companies like Solazyme,Zipcar have managed to list well or are planning to list,Renewable Energy Companies like Ming Yang have faced a tough time .

Worst Stock Markets for Renewable Energy Company Listings – UK and Europe

The United Kingdom Stock Market (FTSE,AIM) have been the worst in terms of listing and interest in Renewable Energy Companies.Renesola delisted from AIM to get listed in the USA.A Number of Companies like Spanish Renewable Energy Plant owners and others have put their plans on indefinite freeze.Despite good conditions for Solar Companies in the Fukushima aftermath,the world’s largest backsheet producer Isovoltaic had to cancel its $550 million IPO .European markets in general have been tough for Renewable Energy IPOs as Enel Green Power faced a very difficult time and had to reduce its stock price twice.Other Alternative Energy Companies like Grupo T-Solar Global SA and Renovalia Energy SA too have faced trouble and are still private.

Other Stock Exchanges like the Indian Stock Exchange too has not been too receptive of Renewable Energies though some have managed to list like Orient Green Power.Here is a list of Green IPOs in 2010.


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