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Wind Industry in India – Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturer Shanghai Electric enters following Dongfang courtesy KSK Energy

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Wind Energy Companies in India were already facing trouble when China’s largest power equipment producer and the 3rd largest Wind Turbine Manufacture Dongfang Electric won major Wind Contracts from Power Producers.Note Chinese companies have become the low cost leaders in the Wind Equipment Industry and sell much below Western competitors.Leading WTG companies from the West like Vestas and Gamesa are reeling from Chinese competition and slowdown in Western markets.Suzlon too has been affected as Korean shipbuilders and Chinese wind producers have become major players.India is the world’s fifth biggest wind energy market and is expected to continue to build 1.5-2 GW wind power plants per year for the next decade.

Now Shanghai Electric has also won a 250 MW contract to supply 125 2 MW Turbines to KSK Energy Ventures.KSK Energy Ventures has earlier awarded  a contract for 66 units of 1.5 MW direct-drive wind-power equipment from Dongfang.Note Direct Drive Turbines are not available in India presently.Note Shanghai Electric is the 6th largest state owned Wind Power Equipment Company in China.Here is a list of the other major WTG Companies in China.This sales is also Shanghai Electric’s first major international Wind Turbine Sale.

Major Wind Energy Countries from China
State-owned or State-controlled Enterprises

  1. Sinovel
  2. Goldwind
  3. Dongfang (DFST)
  4. United Power
  6. Sewind (Shanghai Electric)
  7. Windey
  8. Beizhong
  9. CSR (ZhuZhou)

Private Wind Energy Companies in China

  1. Mingyang
  2. CCWE (Huachuang)
  3. Hewind
  4. CPC New United

Shanghai Electric to supply 125 wind turbines to KSK Energy

China”s Shanghai Electric (SE) has said it has signed a deal with KSK Energy to export 125 units of 2-MW wind turbines.India is expected to become a major destination of the company”s export strategy, absorbing one half of its exports, including thermal power units and wind turbines, an executive of SE is quoted as saying today by Chinese official newsagency Xinhua.So far, Shanghai Electric, one of China”s largest equipment manufacturers, had exported 5 MW level wind turbines, with three to Britain and two to Thailand.

To tap the emerging new energy business, Shanghai Electric which had set up a wind power equipment manufacturing branch in 2006 is able to produce 1.25 MW wind turbines with Germany”s Dewind technology, 2 MW wind turbines with Germany”s Aerodyn technology, and independently designed 3.6 MW offshore wind turbines, he said.


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