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Wind Turbines in India – List of Types,Sizes,Capacity of Turbines from Wind Turbine Manufacturers

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India’s Wind Energy Market is the 5th largest in the world and is the biggest renewable energy sector in India (non-hydro).Wind Power forms almost 70% of the Alternative Energy Capacity in the country and will have  an important role to play to meet India’s target of 10% Renewable Energy from Electricity by 2020.Wind Energy is very cost effective in terms of cost and is approaching Gas Electricity Prices.Combined with the favorable tax treatment,accelerated depreciation,subsidies by different sates,Wind Energy has become the favored Green Energy Sector for investment by large private sector companies.Wind Power Plants in India are increasing in number and scale as larger companies like Caparo enter the Wind Power Sector.Wind Turbine Manufacturers in India are fast expanding capacity and investment to capitalize on this opportunity.Suzlon remains the Bid Daddy of the Wind Industry in India,however a number of foreign and domestic Wind Turbine Manufacturers are giving it a run for its money.Global Wind Turbine Leaders like Siemens,Enercon,GE have started Wind Turbine Equipment Manufacturing in India in recent times to lower their costs.Here is a list of the Major Wind Turbines available in India of different types and capacities from the various Different Wind Manufacturers.

Wind Turbines in India

Wind Energy Companies in India has been rising though except for Suzlon,no company is world class.Note India has Wind Turbines that are being sold in 225-2000 Kilowatt sizes.Suzlon is also in the process of introducing a 2250 KW Wind Turbine.Note most of the foreign Wind Turbine Producers sell Tubulur Steel Type Turbines while most of the smaller domestic players make Lattice Type Wind Turbines.India’s domestic WTG companies mostly have licensed their Wind Designs from international companies like Vensys,Vestas,American Superconductor and others.Here is a list of the Wind Turbines in India (source CWET).Note this list is not exhaustive.

  1. Vestas V100-1.8 MW 1800 KW Tubular Type
  2. Suzlon S52 600 KW Lattice Type
  3. Suzlon S64  1250 KW Tubular Type
  4. Suzlon S66  1250 KW Tubular Type
  5. Suzlon S95  2100 KW Tubular Type
  6. Suzlon S97  2100 KW Tubular Type
  7. Suzlon S88  2250 KW Tubular Type
  8. Enercon (German) E-48 800 KW and E-50 800 KW Tubular Type
  9. Gamesa (Spain) G52 850 KW Tubular Type
  10. Gamesa (Spain) G90 2000 KW Tubular Type
  11. Gamesa (Spain) G80 2000 KW Tubular Type
  12. Gamesa (Spain) G87 2000 KW Tubular Type
  13. General Electric (USA) GE-1.5sle 1500 KW Tubular Type
  14. Kernsys India K82  2000 KW Tubular Type
  15. Leitner Shriram LTW-77-1.35 1350 KW Tubular Type
  16. Leitner Shriram LTW-77-1.5  1500 KW Tubular Type
  17. Pioneer Wincon P250 250 KW Lattice Type
  18. Pioneer Wincon P750 750 KW Lattice Type
  19. Regen Powertech Vensys 77 1500 KW Tubular Type
  20. Regen Powertech Vensys 82 1500 KW Tubular Type
  21. RRB Energy (Vestas JV) V39-500 500 KW Tubular and Lattice Type
  22. RRB Energy (Vestas JV) Pawar-Shakti 600 KW Lattice Type
  23. Shriram EPC  SEPC 250T 250 KW Lattice Type
  24. Shriram EPC  SEPC 250T 250 KW Lattice Type
  25. Shriram EPC  SEPC 250T 250 KW Lattice Type
  26. Shriram EPC  SEPC 250T Rotor Blade Extender 250 KW Lattice Type
  27. Siva WindTurbine  Siva 250/50 250 KW Lattice Type
  28. Southern Wind Farm   GWL 225 225 KW Tubular Type
  29. Chiranjeevi  CWEL 30 250 Kilowatts Lattice Type
  30. Inox Wind (AMSC JV) WT2000DF  2000 KW Tubular Type


Wind Turbines in India are still restricted to small sizes and less sophisticated technology than those available in the Western Markets.India still does not install a lot of direct drive wind turbines which is becoming the Wind Turbines of choice these days.Also the larger Wind Turbines of 3 MW and greater sizes is not sold in India till now.Many of the Wind Farms at least the smaller Farms use the 250 KW Wind Turbines.Note many small Wind Farms in India were built to capitalize on the depreciation and tax incentives rather than on their Efficient Running.


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