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Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant Spills Radioactive Water after 7.4 March 11 Aftershock Sendai Earthquake- 4 Killed,Massive Brownouts

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TEPCO the owner and operator of the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant reported that its Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant  in the Miyage Prefeture also leaked very small amounts of radioactive water.About 3.8 kgs of radiated water from one of the spent fuel rod pools spilled as three out of four external power supply units in Onagawa shut down leaving only one power source to cool the spent fuel. at the Nuclear Plant failed after the 7.4 Richter Scale Earthquake off the seas near  Fukushima.The cooling systems have been restored and there is no more damage at the Nuclear Plant like Fukushima.Note the workers at the Damaged Dai-ichi were evacuated due to the Tsunami Warning issued in the aftermath of the Earthquake.These workers have again returned in their radiation fighting work at the Plant.USA said that it seems that the worst scenario of serious contamination from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident has probably passed.

Radioactive water leaks found at Onagawa nuke plant after Thursday’s quake

Radioactive water leaks were found Friday at Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi prefecture after the 7.4-magnitude aftershock shook northeastern Japan Thursday night, Kyodo News Agency reported.Radioactive water spilled from pools holding spent nuclear fuel rods at the power plant. It was observed inside the buildings at all three reactors at the Onagawa plant, which has suspended operations since the mega earthquake and tsunami on March 11, according to the nuclear safety agency.As much as 3.8 liters of water leaked at one of them, with the highest level of a radioactive isotope — 5,410 bequerels per kilogram — found in the spilled water on the floor beside a spent fuel pool in the building housing the No. 1 reactor, Kyodo said.

The new earthquake though much lower in magnitude than the bigger one has resulted in the deaths of 4 and caused massive brownouts as most of the power plants in northern Japan were shut down.Electricity was cut across a huge area of northern Japan and plunging more than 3.3 million households into darkness late Thursday night.

Four dead as new tremor hits Japan disaster zone

A powerful aftershock rocked Japan’s tsunami disaster zone, killing at least four and triggering new concerns over nuclear power plants in a region still grappling with an atomic emergency.Officials and reports said four people had been killed by the 7.1 magnitude tremor, which struck off the coast near Sendai — one of the most powerful to hit Japan since the country’s worst post-war disaster four weeks ago.


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