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What is Jan Lokpal Bill and How it Plugs the Giant Loopholes in Government Version LokPal Bill

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India’s Civil Society has brought out the Jan Lokpal Bill that has been drafted has been drafted by eminent members of the civil society like Prashant Bhusan,Kiran Bedi,Lyngdoh and other. The bill proposes institution of the office of Lokpal at the federal level and Lok Akyukta at the state level. Jan Lokpal Bill is designed to create an effective anti-corruption and grievance redressal systems at centre and to assure that effective deterrent is created against corruption and to provide effective protection to whistle blowers.You can understand what the Lokpal Bill is from Arvind Kejriwal an eminent social Right to Information (RTI) activist through this video.

The existing Lokpal Bill proposed by the government is quite toothless and has glaring loopholes which make the whole anti-corruption exercise a sham exercise.The whole selection process,powers and member of Lokpal give rise to vested interests and would make it a fruitless bill.The deficiencies of the government version of the Lokpal are:

a) Selection of 3 retired judges by the ruling government only to the Lokpal Panel.Gives rise to vested interests,Jan Lokpal advocates selection of any eminent citizen who has fought against corruption.Selection will be made by government,civil society members and judiciary.

b) Bureaucrats outside the purview of the Lokpal Bill,Speaker Power.This is a huge loophole as government bureaucrats have been found to be ringleaders in most corruption scams taking place in the country.The recent CVC case where PJ Thomas was implicated and Supreme Court had to force the government to remove him

c) No Sou Moto Recognition of Legal Cases – Complaints against the Legislature Members can only be made to the Speaker of Parliament who can decide.This makes no sense as Speakers in India have sullied their image with repeated partisanship to their party.Independent and impartial speakers in Indian parliaments are hard to find.Jan Lokpal can take Sou Moto cases

d) No Defence or Foreign Matter Jurisdiction – Again most of the large scams have taken place in Defence Deals.This has happened under the rule of both the main political parties.Bofors,HDW Submarine are some of the bigger Defence Scandals.Lokpal will have no authority to investigate these.The Jan Lokpal version allows investigations into such cases.Exceptions are only allowed in existing cases before judiciary or currently held legislation.It also imposes strict jail terms for corruption cases.

The Jan Lokpal Bill has the power to transform Indian state and system and have a major impact on transperency like the RTI Bill.However there are extremely powerful interests opposing this Bill..Hazare alleges the 9 member group of ministers who drafted the proposed draft bill are the most corrupt ministers.A lot of support and pressure is needed from the civil society and citizens to get this to move forward.


Abhishek Shah

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  1. prabhash chandra

    ab tak jiska khun na khaula khun nahi o pani hai desh ke kam na aye o bekar jawani hai ……………..

  2. pawan

    first at all i thanked to mr. Anna Hazare to took initiate for removing corruptin from every corner of India. In this revolution every person from all over india give full support to Hazare.

    It is very clear people of India knows everything about Politicians they are waiting of spark of Anna Hazare’s Protest now result is in front of you. It is just like Jambvant and Lord Hanuman story .

    we are supporting to Anna’s Lokpal bill until unless it success.

  3. kuldip kapur

    What about indirect corruptions. their family members, relatives & friends they get exceptional advantage of tenders, contracts and other benefits in the shape of bribe to the govt. officers and politicians . this should also be included in the act no.7 removal of the chairperson or the member (2) J should be also included in that chapter.
    Enhancement of contract tenders means when a project is finalized a budget is sanctioned after that the project is delayed , the corrupt officers and politicians enhance the budget and this is again a burden on the exchequer and the public
    The civil members of the committee should not comment politically to any political person or party who is right or who is wrong. Only then this will work as a non political organisation

  4. Pradeep Barla

    Respected Ann sab my self &my friends want to do as per your guidance for our great country please advice us how can we do.

  5. ajay

    Let us fight against corruptionnn,,,,, must watch video…… i liked it the most !!!

  6. ansh

    ek, do, teen, char band karo ye bhrastachar…..

  7. Murali

    Many of the people who are supporting this bill are themselves corrupt. There are people there who add water to milk, there are people there who adultrate food materials, Auto drivers who charge exhorbitantly above the meter reading and so on and so forth. First Anna Ji should strictly take support of only those people who can vouch on their own conscience that they are not corrupt.

  8. Tahal Ram

    Present agitation is for implementation of Jan Lokpal Bill in toto as drafted by members of Civil Society and not for eradication of corruption. Corruption is deeprooted in our society. This is long agitation and not fasting for few days.

  9. Rahul p'cist

    Thank you sir is it “truth alone trimphs”