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Japan to Stupidly Cut Climate Change Funding,Carbon Emissions Target like Australia using Natural Disaster Excuse

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Climate Change and Global Warming have been put in the Cold Storage by most world governments as there is little will to fight one of the most pressing challenges facing mankind.With the successive Copenhagen and Cancun  Climate Change Meets coming up as croppers,the Poor are left to fight the drastic affects of Climate Change in the face of Severe Weather like Droughts,Floods,Increase Sea Levels.Australia stupidly cut the funding for various Green Programs after facing one of the worst floods in the last century.It did not occur to the short term focused politicians that the Floods may have their root cause in Global Warming.Instead of increasing resources to fight Climate Change,they cut the Funding to help in the Flood Rehabilitation Programs

Japan which  has a 25% emissions cut target by 2020 from 1990 will be the latest country to join the bandwagon in the countries abdicating their responsibility in climate change mitigation.Note Japan with European countries (except UK) have been the leaders in fighting climate change.However with other countries like USA,UK,Canada,Australia acting cavalierly towards environment issues,Japan too seems to have given up the fight.The country is likely to reduce its emission targets as it uses the money for earthquake and tsunami relief.The shutting down on the Nuclear Plant is likely to increase GHG emissions as well.Anyway Japanese corporations were unwilling to reduce emissions through a carbon tax arguing that factories in Japan will become unprofitable.

Japan may review 2020 emission cut target: media

Japan may review its emission reduction pledge for 2020 after a massive quake and tsunami last month set off a crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japanese media quoted a senior environment ministry official as saying.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano later said the government has yet to decide whether to review its goals for cutting greenhouse gases, as it still needs to understand the overall impact of the nuclear crisis and the prospects for post-quake reconstruction.But he added: “At the moment, we have not decided whether to review the target and we are not at a stage where we can make a decision.”Environment Minister Ryu Matsumoto last week said Japan had no immediate plan to review its 2020 pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent from 1990 levels


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