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Fukushima Nuclear Plant to Eject 11500 Tons of 100 Times Radioactive Water into the Pacific as Storage Fills up – Marine Life Affected

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TEPCO is going to eject 11500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean as the Storage Tanks at the Damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi Plant Fills Up.Note Japan has been pumping thousands of tons of seawater to cool down the 4 Reactors at the Plant as the Cooling Systems have Failed.10,000 tons will be pumped out from the 4 Reactors which are still spewing out radiation and 1500 tons from the two shutdown reactors 5 and 6.Note the Seawater has 100 times the legal radiation limit of radioactivity.This is the first time the utility will intentionally release radioactive water into the sea.The utility has no choice but to dump the water as the storage facilities have become full due to the unnatural cooling of the reactors through sea water.Note this ad hoc cooling of the Nuclear Plant has already led to the permanent damage of the 4 Nuclear Reactors.A crack near the concrete pit in the second reactor is releasing highly radioactive water which the operators have failed to plug till now despite using polymers,concrete and other materials.The engineers now plan to use a special dye to trace the flow of the radiated water from the reactor to the leak.

Japan nuclear update: Where will they put the radioactive water?

In recent days workers at Fukushima have discovered contaminated pools filling basements and maintenance tunnels beneath some of the damaged reactors. They’ve been sandbagging tunnel outlets and hooking up more pumps in an effort to prevent this water from reaching the ocean or filtering into groundwater.

But on Thursday International Atomic Energy Agency officials announced that earlier in the week workers had stopped pumping radioactive water from the basement of the Unit 1 reactor because the unit’s turbine condenser – the place they had been putting the water – was full.

Marine Life is expected to be badly affected from the radioactive water.Note IAEA has already found high levels of radiation well beyond the evacuation zone and Greenpeace too has warned about high levels of radioactivtiy.TEPCO has its reputation badly tarnished as it has failed to disclose the levels of radiation and different radioactive elements like Cesium.Note the Japanese Farmers are already facing years of losses and the Fishermen too seems destined to join them as the thousands of tons of water will probably lead to Fishes becoming toxic in that region.

Tepco to Dump Radioactive Water in Sea to Keep Reactors Stable

Tokyo Electric Power Co. will dump radioactive water from its crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear station into the sea for the first time as it runs out of space to store fluids used to cool the plant’s six reactors.The government approved a plan by the utility known as Tepco to release water with low radioactive contamination into the sea to make room for liquids with higher radiation levels, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said.“We didn’t have any other alternatives,” Edano told reporters in Tokyo today. “This is a measure we had to take to secure safety.”


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  1. Maroc zik Mp3

    ‘Reassuring’ the public takes the place of informing the public of the real dangers. This disaster will affect the world, not just Japan, and it is a wise step for all families to purchase a handheld geiger counter so as to know the truth of contamination of goods in the global marketplace. I’d also say that the nuclear power industry’s statements and ‘reassurances’ should be read as a political strategy to retain the billions of dollars it enjoys from government subsidies and research grants.