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Environmental Pressure Leads to Conversion of Virginia Coal Plant to Biomass

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The strict environmental regulations of EPA is leading to conversion of a Virgina Coal Plant to a Biomass Fired one.Note the US Congress and Senate have failed to move ahead on climate legislation remaining hopelessly deadlocked on any climate deal.Despite numerous draft laws,no common law has been passed as Republicans fail completely in understanding global warming remaining in the pockets of the powerful oil and gas lobby.EPA remains the only government body which is doing something to reduce pollution and at the same time fight for climate change.The strict new rules against emission of harmful gases like sulfur dioxide,nitrous oxide,mercury has forced a Virginia Coal Plant to convert from thermal to biomass.

Note conversion of a coal plant to a biomass fired one is relatively easier and will help boost renewable energy.Dominion Resources the plant operator will convert 3 units of the Virginia plant to Biomass with a total power capacity of 150 MW.The Feedstock would be waste wood left from timbering operations to produce fuel.The power stations, which started operations in 1992, are located in Altavista, Hopewell and Southampton County.

Dominion unit says 3 power plants to switch to biomass

Major power producer Dominion Resources Inc’s Virginia unit said it plans to convert three power stations from using coal to biomass.

If the conversion is approved, the plants could begin burning biomass in 2013, it said in a statement.

The company said the total economic impact over the 30-year life of the stations would be more than $350 million, including $30 million in local taxes and $180 million for the creation of more than 300 hundred jobs in the forestry and trucking industries.

Once converted, the power plants will generate 50 megawatts (MW) each and operate all the time, compared with the current peak production of 63 MW.


Abhishek Shah

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