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Obama’s New Energy Policy – Just a lot of Empty Gas (Rhetoric)

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Obama’s outlined a New Energy Policy as he periodically does without any far reaching national goals on to reduce America’s dependence on billions of barrels of imported oil which cause global warming,finance terrorist and prop up brutal regimes in the Middle East.However his periodic bursts of rhetoric on the US Energy Policy is nothing but a lot of empty gas without any specifics.Earlier he used to stress on nuclear energy which has been thrown out of the window with the Fukushima nuclear disaster.His plans of supporting the nuclear energy industry with $36 billion in DOE loans seems a bad if not a gruesome joke.Similarly last year his plans of allowing offshore drilling for Oil also fell flat after the massive BP Oil Spill ecological disaster.His New Energy Policy is anything but new as it hashes the same old stale ideas once again.The 5 points of his New Energy Policy (listed below) are as bad as they get.Using biofuels from corn increase food prices worldwide.The “Clean Energy Standard” is nothing but a statement without any implementation or specifics.The increased fuel efficiency for vehicles is the only thing good about the policy.The rest are just useless

1) More domestic production of oil.
2) Expand the use of biofuels as an oil substitute.
3) Develop natural gas as a transport fuel
4) Increase the efficiency of motor vehicles in order to use less gasoline.
5) Maintain a “clean energy standard” to promote electricity generation from plants by using cleaner burning fuels and renewables.

US is already way behind in the Green Industry trailing China and Germany for the biggest green investments in 2010.With lack of any movement towards climate change mitigation or large scale support for wind and solar energy,US should keep slipping further into oblivion even as countries like Taiwan,South Korea and even India make massive strides.The Opposition Republicans are even worst as they are completedly bought over by the powerful Oil and Gas Lobby.They have even less of a vision on how to change the blundering US Energy Policy than Obama.

Obama oil policy aims to cut imports by one-third, critics say it’s not enough

Pointing to continuing Middle East unrest and spiraling gas prices, President Barack Obama Wednesday proposed a one-third reduction in oil imports within the next decade.”Any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we’ve ‘shut down’ oil production, any claim like that is simply untrue,” Obama said. “It might make for a useful sound bite, but it doesn’t track with reality. What is true is we’ve said if you’re going to drill offshore you’ve got to have a plan to make sure that we don’t have the kind of catastrophe that we had last year.”

The plan relies on a combination of increased domestic oil and natural gas production and incentives for alternative energy as well as support for nuclear power plants despite the recent Japanese disaster.

“I don’t think anybody here has forgotten what happened last year, where we had to deal with the largest oil spill in [our] history,” Obama said, as he outlined his plans for oil and gas development. “I know some of the fishermen down in the Gulf Coast haven’t forgotten it.”

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