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Solar Roof – What does it Mean (Solar Tiles,BIPV),Solar Shingle Companies,Advantages

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Solar Roofs are a niche area but is growing in popularity with the entry of more and more companies selling products tailormade for this area.What are Solar Roofs exactly – does it mean a Roof with Solar Panels installed on it or something else.Solar Roofs are not roofs where solar electricity is generated by putting in solar mounting/racking systems and mainstream solar panels,rather they are roofs where specialized solar products called solar shingles are installed.Solar Roofs can also mean a roof where Building Integrated Photovoltaic products are installed.Some companies make BIPV products like flexible solar panels or organic/dye solar cell panels ( these are niche companies).

Solar Roof can be constructed by installing “solar shingles” or “solar tiles” made by some companies.These tiles are interlocking in nature and fit onto the roof just like normal tiles.These solar tiles however can generate electricity from the sun and have wires attaching them which converge into an inverters.This solar inverter converts the DC electricity produced from the solar shingles to AC electricity which is used by the normal electrical appliances.Note the efficiency of solar roofs is lower than that of roofs with normal crystalline silicon solar panels installed on them.This is because the technology used is generally thin film which has lower energy conversion factor than the normal silicon panels.

Types of Solar Roof

1) Flat Roofs -These roofs can be fitted not only with solar tiles but also with thin film flexible modules quite easily

2) Slanted Roofs – These slanted roofs is most appropriate for solar shingles technology where tiles can interlock easily.Fitting thin film flexible solar panels is more difficult in this case

3) Facades – These increase the area of buildings and also improve the aesthics of the buildings besides generating electricity as well.

The advantages of a Solar Roof are

1) Environment Friendly

2) Saves Electricity Bills

3) Increased Real Estate Value

4) Durability

5) Better Design

6) Easy Installation

7) Warranties from the Manufacturer for 20-25 years

8) Pleasing Blue and Black Colors make it Architecturally Pleasing

Which Companies Sells Solar Roof Products

1) Energy Conversion Devices – This company sells flexible CIGS thin film solar panels under the UniSolar Brand Name.

2) Dow Chemicals – This Chemicals Conglomerate has started producing it properietary Solar Shingles recently.While the company first showcased its DOW™ POWERHOUSE™ SOLAR SHINGLE in 2009,these solar tiles will be available commercially only this year.Note Dow uses the same thin film technology Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) used by UniSolar.


Solar Panel prices are coming down rapidly and they are making more and more widely used than ever before.Solar Roofs and BIPV will also become increasingly mainstream with the lowering of costs and the incentives offered by the government to promote them.Solar Roofs not only save on electricity bills but also help in fighting global warming,pollution and catastrophic dangers like the BP Oil Spill and Fukushima Nuclear Disaster


Abhishek Shah

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  1. Kayla Pullin

    Hi, I am Kayla Pullin. I am doing a project in environmental science class, we are making a green house, with solar energy. we want to know how much solar shingles would cost, and how much it would save us on an electric bill. the house is 3256 square feet. i appreciate your help and cooperation

  2. Dan Arguelles

    The system is 425 lbs per square, min 83 units per square and has an uplift of 190ftlbs. with 20% less Polyfoam than some “S” tiles. Just like any barrel tile system, the Artezanos Hybrid is very design flexible.
    And yes, it does offer a savings over traditional tile roofing.
    You can review information on our web site or the links below to gain some concept on our system.

    1. St. Petersburg, Fla. job:

    176 28th Ave North

    St. Pete, Florida



    3800 S.W. 136 Ave

    Miramar Florida


    620 San Juan Drive

    Coral Gables, Florida


    4635 Royal Palm

    Miami Beach, Florida


    2400 S.W. 60 Court

    Miami, Florida


    These ISSU links will be a great help to get you up to speed…

    Please let me know if you have any questions…

    Daniel Arguelles 305-710-6659

    Artezanos Inc.

  3. Joe Morrissey

    Atlantis Energy Systems Inc. is a global pioneer of building integrated pv solutions, beginning as a Swiss Company that is now US. The famous Sunslates roofing slates is a Class A roofing system that comes in two exposure depending whether populated with 5″ or 6″ mono cells. When coupled with a BITERS( building integrated thermal energy roofing system) the kW per 100 sf of sloped roof goes from 1kW to a combined 4kW.
    Examples of beautiful homes with these system can be found on the website,
    Joe Morrissey 916-438-2930