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India’s Supreme Court castigates ED for incompetence on Black Money Hasan Ali Hawala Corruption Case

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India’s Supreme Court has become a schoolmaster for the errant Indian investigative agencies which keep showing glaring incompetence and reluctance to go after top offenders.The Indian government has also come under the harsh scrutiny in the last few months for its promotion of corrupt officials.The 2G Telecom Scam has netted India’s former Telecom Minister after the Supreme Court took charge of India’s CBI from the government.It seems that only the Supreme Court can get the police and investigative agencies to move against powerful,corrupt bureaucrats,politicians and their cronies.No other government agency has the will to do so.

Hasan Ali a small time businessman under the scanner for possessing an astounding $8 billion in black money in Swiss bank accounts has been roaming free for the last 4 years.It was only after the Supreme Court took over the case that the Enforcement Directorate has started moving (albeit at a snail’s pace).The Agency like other government departments seems compromised as it was sitting on a billion dollar corruption case for FOUR YEARS.After it was forcefully woken up from its slumber,it has still not moved fast enough.It is evident that this huge amount of money was being held by Hasan Ali on behalf of powerful politicians/businessmen.But rather than doing anything investigative,the ED continues to sleep.The Supreme Court sharply castigated the agency and has said that a joint team from other agences like NIA,CBI should be formed to look after this case.As usual the government representative stalled for more time.The $8 billion is surely giving sleepless nights to its rightful benami owner.

Hasan Ali case | SC pulls up ED, adjourns hearing to Tuesday

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Enforcement Directorate (ED) why its investigation continued to focus on Pune-based businessman Hasan Ali Khan and why the agency was not roping in the services of the Intelligence Bureau, Research and Analysis Wing and the National Intelligence Agency.“No further information is forthcoming from the agencies. It has stopped there. Only one individual is being held. What about the others?” asked the court while perusing the status report submitted in sealed reports.

The bench comprising justices Sudershan Reddy and Surinder Nijjar said they wanted a special investigation team built up with officers from all the top government agencies to probe the case.

However, solicitor general Gopal Subramanium, who appeared for the ED asked he court to wait for one more status report before implementing the move.

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Abhishek Shah

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  1. Dinesh

    Take off the Security from Sharad Pawar and give it to Hasan Ali and ED Officers. Hasan Ali would speak and whole file on Black Money would be ready. ED – Hasan Ali match on Corrupt Congress Politicians is getting more interesting. Thanks SC to consider RAW – IB to investigate, because the Black Money A/C Holders are right there in Parliament where ED / CBI cannot reach.

  2. Abhishek Shah

    Only the SC could have got the investigation so far.Lets see if they manage to catch the big fish though I don’t think even a single ringleader will be caught.