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Why is the UN not Enforcing a “No Fly Zone” in Yemen and Bahrain despite Horrendous Civilian Massacres – Western Double Standards

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The United Nations has voted on enforcing a “No Fly Zone” in Libya as Colonel Gadhaffi’s forces backed by aircraft and artillery have bombed their way to a winning position in Libya.The democratic protests in Libya has been violently suppressed by the despotic regime over there which has appeared at times as mad and lunatic.The rebels despite popular support have been cowed down by the massive military power of Gadhaffi and his mercenaries.This has  finally made the United Nations Security Council decide on attacking Libyan army by Air and enforcing a “No Fly Zone’.Note this has been done despite misgivings by China and others who abstained.However the West led by France has been adamant on helping democracy.

Turkey calls for cease-fire in Libya, opposes intervention

NATO member Turkey called for a cease-fire in Libya on Friday after the UN Security Council authorized a no-fly zone and the use of force against forces of Muammar Gaddafi to help rebels revolting against his rule.

Western Hypocrisy in Full View in Bahrain and Yemen

The governments in Bahrain and Yemen have been no less brutal in suppressing the democractic aspirations of their citizens.The ruling regimes in those countries which are monarchies have been looting public money and not allowing genuine democracy and freedom.Inspired by Tunisia and Egypt,the citizens in those countries have demanded the same right to freedom.They have been met with massacres by Yemeni forces who shot down 45 people dead and wounded hundreds.Bahrain has been equally opressive shutting down hospitals which were treating wounded protestors.They have even invited foreign military personnel to kill and intimdate protestors.The Use of Apache gunships against mostly unarmed citizens is as bad as it gets.However the West and US have remained silent in their hypocrisy.The client regimes of the Middle East can do whatever they please without any pressure from the  West.Except for some sermons there has been no talk of harder measures like sanctions or military action.

Gunmen Kill 45 Protesters in Yemen

Armed men opened fire on crowds of antigovernment protesters Friday in Yemen’s capital, killing an estimated 45 people and injuring hundreds—prompting Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh to declare a state of emergency and suggesting his government has shifted to a hard line against its hardening opposition.

Friday’s bloodshed marked the most significant escalation in violence in Yemen’s capital since protesters began in January to call for the end of Mr. Saleh’s 32-year regime. The one-day death toll stood higher than the estimated 40 demonstration-linked fatalities in Yemen until now.

The day’s violence began after Friday prayers, a time city residents have in recent weeks joined protesters who are camped near San’a University. Several people who saw Friday’s crowds estimated the demonstrators numbered 100,000 or more, San’a’s largest protests yet.

Bahrain funeral turns into defiant protest

Days after the Bahraini government banned demonstrations by opponents, about 2,000 residents of the mostly Shiite Muslim village of Sitra turned a funeral into the first protest under a new three-month state of emergency, a show of deepening resistance against the regime.

The government has arrested more dissidents and human rights workers, destroying their homes and also beating relatives, witnesses said. Many other activists have now gone into hiding in this tiny country, their family members said. The regime also demolished the towering national monument at Pearl Square traffic circle, where demonstrators had gathered for weeks before their rout Wednesday.

Turkey, which has opposed foreign intervention in Libya from the outset, said after the UN resolution that it backed a no-fly zone over Libya but reiterated opposition to foreign military action in the North African country.

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