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No Global Media Outrage as American made Apaches Gunships used by GCC against Bahrain citizens calling for UN Help

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The Western Nations have maintained a  deafening silence as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which is the gang of Sunni nations in the Middle East  has used Apache Gunships against unarmed citizens of Bahrain.The US and the western media (blogs as well) have been strangely silent on this murderous attack on peaceful citizens.Bahrain has been on the Boil as Shia citizens have been demanding their legitimate rights this rich island nation.However the rulers which are from the Sunni minority have not budged instead they have called foreign troops to kill their own citizens.Global “Human Rights Champion” the US and its leader Clinton and Obama are hypocritically silent,so is the normally frantic Sarkozy.

The Rulers of Bahrain have called for a martial law which allows the Military to take over and shoot people without any punishment.The Stock Market is shut down as the police and the army intimidate the people through sheer force of arms.The military after removing the citizens by firing on hundreds is using Apache  gunships to keep a lookout on any further protests.Saudi Arabia and UAE have sent hundreds of armed personnel and equipment to quell the uprising which has grown bigger by the day.Democracy seems mostly likely to be suppressed  in Bahrain just like in Libya.

Deadly crackdown on Bahrain protesters

At least two people are dead and hundreds injured after security forces in Bahrain drove out pro-democracy protesters from the Pearl Roundabout in the capital, Manama.A 12-hour curfew came into force at 4pm in areas of the city including the Pearl Roundabout, the Bahrain Financial Harbour, and several other buildings which have recently been targets of protests.

By then, most of the area had been cleared after troops backed by tanks and helicopters stormed the site – the focal point of weeks-long anti-government protests in the tiny kingdom – early on Wednesday, an Al Jazeera correspondent said.Ali Al Aswad, a member of the opposition Wefaq party, told Al Jazeera that the government used Apache helicopters to shoot at peaceful protesters.He said the situation was very bad and Bahrain was heading towards a disaster.”The security forces are killing the people, we call upon UN to help us,” Aswad said.


Abhishek Shah

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