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Nuclear Energy Backlash picks up pace in Europe,Asia in the wake of Fukushima Nuclear Poisoning

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The backlash against the new and existing Nuclear Power Plants has started in different places around the world despite defiant expressions by Nuclear Plant Owners and Operators.While China and Italian utility Enel have said that they will go ahead with their billion dollar investment plans,Switzerland and Germany have put nuclear plant extensions on hold.Note Germany had extended the life of Nuclear Plants in the country by 10 years after extensive lobbying by the Nuclear Industry.This had led to huge protests from the Opposition Greens but the government had gone ahead in order to reduce Power Costs.However Merkel has been forced to eat humble pie and has said that a 3 month review will be done to check the safety of the Nuclear Reactors.Switzerland has also come out and put the plans for new Nuclear Reactors on Freeze.

Demonstrators in Germany demand closing of nuclear plants

Thousands of German demonstrators urged their leaders Monday night to shut down nuclear power plants in their country.The protests were staged in Berlin and other cities days after a powerful earthquake damaged nuclear plants in Japan and spurred fears of radiation there.Thorben Becker of the Federation for Environmental Protection, an environmental group, said the movement had received a major boost from the crisis in Japan.Becker said more than 100,000 turned up in more than 400 cities. There were hundreds of people at the Berlin protests and shouts of “turn them off,” a reference to Germany nuclear reactors, rang through the demonstration.

Japan’s nuclear crisis felt in Europe

The Swiss government imposed an immediate freeze on plans to build and replace nuclear power plants until inspectors review safety standards in light of developments in Japan, where last Friday’s monster earthquake and ensuing tsunami have put nuclear power stations at risk.

Switzerland relies on five reactors for 40% of its energy supply. But earthquakes are not unknown in the Alpine nation. Swiss Energy Minister Doris Leuthard said human welfare had to take the “highest priority” and that a moratorium on construction was justified, especially if upgraded seismic safety procedures are deemed necessary.

In Asia,doubts are being raised against the big investments being made in new nuclear plants.A Goa state legislator expressed concerns about an existing nuclear plant in neighboring state of Karnataka.There are already massive protests against a proposed Jaitapur plant being built in JV between India’s NPCIL and Areva.This Nuclear Plant will use a new reactor design by Areva.There are concerns about the Plant being built in an ecologically sensitive area and it also lies a mildly earthquake prone area.

Kaiga nuclear plant gives Goa constant nightmares: MP

The central government should chalk out a foolproof strategy to protect the Kaiga nuclear power plant, which was giving Goa ‘constant nightmares’ in the wake of the tsunami-triggered crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, a local Congress MP said Tuesday.he plant is less than 25 km from the coastal state’s southern border with Karnataka.Goa Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik said in a statement released here, quoting his speech in parliament, that the government should ensure that the horrific Fukushima experience does not get repeated in this coastal state.

Local environmental activists have also cautioned against the setting up of the Jaitapur nuclear power plant towards the north in Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra.

The controversial nuclear project has also resulted in the death of a protester, Yusuf Kazi, 40, who died during an agitation against the proposed Jaitapur plant in December last year.

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