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List of Top Global Biomass Energy/Wood Pellet Companies/Stocks – Not an Investment Class

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Biomass Energy accounted for most of Human Energy Consumption before the 20th century before fossil fuels took over. Biomass Energy still accounts for 1/3rd of Energy requirements in a lot of countries and is the primary energy source for heating and cooking in rural communities. Biomass  Electricity accounts for around 1% of the world’s electricity capacity of around 5000 GW. With advancements in Biomass Technology, a number of large-scale Biomass Energy Plants are being built in Europe. Even in developing countries like India, the government is strongly supportive of biomass energy and is giving various subsidies to support this alternative energy. Biomass Energy can play an essential role in off-grid markets where there is a decent availability of feedstock. Each year millions of tons of crop residue and animal waste are converted into carbon emissions without being used up. Biomass Energy can convert this feedstock into useful electricity without adding carbon to the atmosphere. Waste to Energy is the most unexploited form of energy and there exists enormous potential here also. Here is a list of the Biomass Energy and Wood Pellet Companies in the World.

Note most of the companies are small in nature compared to the wind and solar companies. Most of the biomass electricity companies still have their biomass plants in the drawing or construction stage. Wood Pellet Companies are mostly private companies and not traded on the Stock Exchange. Also Read: How to make wood pellet?

  1. Helius Energy – Helius Energy is an AIM-listed company that develops and sells biomass projects. The company is currently developing the 100 MW project in Port of Bristol at Avonmouth. Also a 100MW biomass-fuelled electricity plant in  Port of Southampton
  2. MGT Power – MGT Power is an independent British company currently developing two 300MW biomass power generation projects in the North East of England: the Tyne Renewable Energy Plant, and the Tees Renewable Energy Plant, which has received planning consent
  3. Prenergy Power – The company is building the world’s biggest biomass power plant in Wales, England with 350 MW capacity which will use imported wood chips as feedstock. The London firm which is owned by a PE firm in on the sale block
  4. Forth Energy – Forth Energy is developing Four Big Biomass Power Plants at the ports of Dundee, Grangemouth, Rosyth, and Leith. The projects represent a £1.7bn investment in renewable energy and would have a total energy capacity of up to 500MW. The Leith Project is in the advanced stages of implementation.
  5. Laidlaw Energy Group – The company is a small US-based Independent Power Producer that is listed as LLEG.The company is building a 70 MW plant in Berlin, New Hampshire. The company is also in the process of acquiring a 14 MW Biomass Plant from Renegy in California.

Wood Pellet Companies

  1. International WoodFuels
  2. New England Wood Pellet
  3. Woodstone
  4. Energex Corporation
  5. Forest Energy Corporation


The list of major biomass companies/wood pellet producers is quite small and they hardly make an investment class. Investing in Biomass Energy is quite impossible for public investors. Most of these companies are still in the startup phase and pose a lot of risks. Investing in biomass plants or large utilities changes the investment profile.

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List of Top Global Biomass Energy/Wood Pellet Companies/Stocks – Not an Investment Class

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  1. CS

    Biomass Secure Power BMSPF is getting close to being one of the largest pellet producers in North America.

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    Hi I have a project to mfg fuel pellet from coffee husk to be set up in south India need an investment of $1M. If you have any contacts, please contact

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    i want to start biomass pellet plant so please guide me about subsidy

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    Rasik patel

    i want to start biomass pellet plant so please guide me about subsidy

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