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Now the Indian Air Force gets into a Corruption Tangle as Well

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The decline in governance standards is pervasive across all the major government institutions in India.While the Military was thought to be less corrupt,it is rapidly losing its clean image as well.There have been a number of graft cases against senior military officers as well.While a General was recently convicted by a court martial of conniving with a real estate developer,past chiefs of staff have made their corruption name by being involved in the Adarsh Housing Scandal.

Now a senior military officer of the Indian Air Force has been caught taking a bribe of Rs 20000 ( $450) for giving a favored spot to a company for displaying its fares at an exhibition.With their seniors reaping in the moolah through corruption,it has become acceptable to lower level officers to take bribes as well.The venality is spreading at a rapid pace though the Indian system.The Indian government despite being repeatedly rebuked by the courts for their inaction,remains shamelessly unrepentant.With the Indian Defense Forces now also being caught in the corruption tangle,India’s external security has also become riskier.

COI against senior IAF officer over bribe allegations

The IAF has initiated a Court of Inquiry (COI) against a senior officer over allegations that he took bribe from a foreign defence company during the recent Aero India show in Bangalore. Wing Commander A K Thakur is accused of demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs 20,000 from a French company in lieu of allotting advantageous position during the show, IAF officials said in New Delhi on Monday.


Abhishek Shah

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  1. M kumar

    In most IAF units food standads served at messes have been a cause of concern. It may be termed as dog happens due to complicity of admin officers and other staffs down the line.such problem cannot be solved unless a civil agency or defence ministery itself looks into the matter.