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Banana Republic India’s Totally Blatantly Corrupt Cricket Administration BCCI- Where You Can’t Buy a Match Ticket

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In India,Sports is dominated by the game of Cricket which has almost a religion like following.However the administrators of the sports leaves much to be desired.The BCCI which is the administrative body for cricket in India is one of the most corrupt bodies out there and it continues its blatant corruption without any intervention from the government.That is because the leader of the BCCI is a government minister himself.Its such a lucrative sport in terms of revenues,that political leaders from all parties have made BCCI a cozy club for looting the public money.

The IPL Scandal

The Indian Premier League which was a new 20-20 Club League started by the BCCI resulted in a major corruption scandal resulting in the resignation of a Union Minister.It brought out all the sordid details of cronyism,corruption and mass corruption.However inspite of that there has been no improvement in the administrative standards.The BCCI chiefs continue their dictatorship of the body.In fact a chief official of the body also owns a major club in IPO.This gross conflict of interests continues.Opaque contracts ,siphoning of the money and awarding to tickets and TV rights  a billion dollar business continues to be mired in fraud and corruption

No Tickets can be brought of Public Matches without Connections as Tickets given to Cronies

It is impossible to buy tickets to cricket matches as all the tickets have been given by the officials to their cronies and colleagues.So if you want to buy a ticket to see a cricket match you can’t do that.This has even led to the ICC saying that it will lead to bad relations with sponsors .Note the Minister has cropped up in a number of major scams like the Lavasa Scandal,IPL Scam etc.However his role as an ally supporting the government has made him immune to any prosecution.The Indian Police instead of booking  a case against ICC corruption has hit out at fans angry at being denied to see a match as no tickets are sold.India is a Banana Republic except that the Supreme Court manages to occasionally shame the government and bring a culprit or 2 to book

Fans lathicharged over ticket sale in Nagpur

Cricket fans on Tuesday were lathicharged over ticket sale ahead of India South Africa match outside the Vidarbha Cricket Association in Nagpur, according to media reports. Ticket counters have been closed till as there was heavy deployment of police in the areaViolence had erupted after fans were told all 7000 tickets allocated for public sale for the 50,000-seat stadium sold out, sparking accusations by the ICC that its own president Sharad Pawar was guilty of mismanagement in the ticket distribution process.


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