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Solar Inverters in India to be domestically produced by Delta Electronics in Chennai

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India is set to see a massive growth in solar energy in the next decade with the 81 MW of Solar Capacity expected to reach at least 20000 MW by 2022 if not more.India’s JNNSM Policy and push for renewable energy by states like Gujarat,Maharashtra and Rajasthan should see massive investments in solar PV installation.While there are already solar cell and panel production,India lacks a strong base for manufacture of solar inverters which can cost upto 10% of the total cost of a solar project.

India imports most of its requirements of its solar inverters from foreign producers like SMA,Kaco etc.However there exists a huge opportunity to produce solar inverters in India.Delta Electronics,the Taiwanese Giant Electronics Firm is setting up a production base in Chennai to capitalize on the Solar Inverter Opportunity.Delta is also expanding in countries like Singapore and Germany to take advantage of the the growth in Green Industry.

Delta invests Bt1.9 bn for expansion of core trade, eyes renewable energy

Delta Electronics (Thailand) will invest US$62.65 million (Bt1.9 billion) in existing and new subsidiaries to expand its electronic components business and enter the renewable energy business.

Delta Electronics (Thailand) said in the statement that the board had approved additional investment in Delta Energy Systems (Germany), a wholly owned subsidiary, of 16 million euros (Bt667 million). The purpose was to purchase research and development equipment mainly for the development of the DES product group including automobile, windpower and solar products and to support its working capital.

It has additionally invested US$13 million in Delta India Electronics (DIN) to build a factory and purchase machines to produce solar inverters in Chennai and to support its work?ing capital.

DIN is engaged in the assem?bly, trading and marketing of electronic products.


Abhishek Shah

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  1. ulf bjerstaf

    Small scale pv installations with inverter for 230 v in private houses and connection to smart grid are most interesting