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German Development Bank Kfw joins ADB,World Bank in funding Clean Energy in India

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German Development Bank Kfw which is owned by the German government is planning to invest 800 million Euros in Indian Renewable Energy Sector.Note Kfw is one of the biggest funding institutions in Germany for renewable energy projects giving concessional interest rates.The Bank will use its extensive expertise in the alternative energy and energy efficiency areas to extend its business in India as well.Renewable Energy in India is expected to see a massive expansion in the next decade and will require massive amounts of debt and equity.Kfw alongwith other developmental institutions like ADB and World Bank have a big role to play.Note Debt is quite expensive in India and these institutions provide loans at a much cheaper rate making renewable energy projects viable.ADB has already formed a JV with NTPC and is looking to rescue JNNSM as well.IFC is funding numerous clean projects in India following its developmental mandate as well.

KfW earmarks 800 mn euros for India renewable energy projects

German government-owned development bank KfW plans to lend 800 million euros in the 2011-12 calender year to finance various renewable energy projects in India.

“We have already financed around 1.5 billion euros in the energy sector in India. In addition to this, we plan to earmark another 800 million euros to fund the green initiatives of India this year (CY’11),” KfW Director Oskar von Maltzan told PTI on the sidelines of the ‘Renewtech India Summit’ here.


Abhishek Shah

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  1. Dr.Ivan E.Volsky

    Dear Sirs,
    We request funding for 230 M E OSB panels & sqare beams wood houses manufacturing plant for 5 yrs with 2 yrs grace period.1st year in biz it will make 120 M E from OSB panels + 20 M E from wood houses.Project has 3 types of collateral:
    1).250 M E for 5 mln m3 of timber
    2).17 BLN E for a coal mine
    3).491 M E for 10 ton of gold in a gold mine

    453 M E for an ecofriendly biofuel plant.It got 1 st place dyploma from the United Nations UNESCO division for biofuel efficiency.
    It has 1,833 BLN E collateral from timber & 36 N E scientific know how + 47 M E collateral from other assets
    Both need 5 yrs funds with 2 yrsgrace period.

    3,8 BLN oil refinery is a start up ,all suppliers,sales & permits are taken care of. 5yrs funding wit 2 yrs grace period.

    200 M E for ciment plant needed with collateral for 5 yrs with 2 yrs grace period.
    50 M E for solar power plant needed
    50 M E for construction p-t for 3 yrs
    $ 30 M for army veterans housing construction
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  2. Dr.Ivan E.Volsky

    Dear Sirs,
    Please contact us.
    We have 230 ME,453 m E ,3,8 BLN E oil refinery project,200 M E ciment project
    All projects need 5 yrs funding min. with 2 yrs grace period.We will send resumes & bizplans,

    Dr.Ivan E.Volsky
    + 7 831 436 7553
    +7 908 155 3241 mob.
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