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Time for India to Worry as China Develops New “All Rounder” 4000 Km Missile following Aircraft Carrier Killer

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China is developing a new 4000 Km Ranged All Rounder Missile which will be used for both offense and defense.This missile is an all purpose missile which can be used against air,sea and land targets.Note this missile follows the development of an “aircraft carrier killer” Dong Feng 21D Missile.This missile had created a lot of interest as it removes one of US Navy’s most potent and powerful weapons – the aircraft carrier from the equation.Note US has long projected its military power throughout the globe through its large fleet of aircraft carriers.However this new missile could in a very cheap way take out America’s most powerful conventional weapon out of the game.

China claims developing new missile by 2015

China is developing a new type of conventional missile with a range of 4000 km which could engage targets in land, sea, air, space and tackle cybernetic attacks “greatly enhancing” the capability of the Chinese military, official media here reported today. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ( CASIC )), the nation’s largest missile weaponry manufacturer, is set “to complete research, production and delivery of this new generation of missile by 2015,” state run ‘Global Times’ said.

India too needs to be worried from these missile developments.Note the Defence Minister had said that he was concerned from the rapid modernization of China’s military forces but was not overtly worried.I think its time for him to worry as China’s armed forces show massive technological improvement.Note China has the largest military force in the world inĀ  terms of number but it lags way behind in technology compared to the West.However that is changing with growth of the Chinese Economy the 2nd biggest in the world.China and Indian relations have been quite tense of late with China raising the ante on a number of issues.China has been placing missiles in Tibet while India is deploying fighter aircraft and troops near its borders with China.

India seriously concerned at China modernising armed forces: Antony

Expressing “serious concern” over China’s military modernisation, Defence Minister A K Antony today said India needs to carry out a “comprehensive review” of its defence preparedness and “remain vigilant” to meet its security challenges.

“Modernisation of armed forces in China and its ever-increasing military spending is a matter of serious concern but we are not unduly worried because we also will have to modernise and strengthen our armed forces,” Antony told reporters on the sidelines of the Asian Security Conference here.


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