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Defender of Human Rights Obama has different standards (read none) for Pakistanis as Widow Suicide for Justice goes in Vain

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USA has been regularly trampling over ordinary Pakistanis human rights by its drone attack in the remote mountainous areas bordering Afghanistan.While those tribes may be harboring terrorists from the Taliban and the US has got a good justification,the recent Davis episode does not fall into that category.Davis killed 2 men in broad daylight for allegedly robbing him.A consulate car sent to rescue him killed another person on a motorcycle and has been absconding since.There is complete secrecy over Davis which means that he is a Special Ops/Intelligence and may have killed the 2 persons for tailing him.It has been said that the 2 persons were ISI who were tailing Davis for his own protection.The Pakistani courts are showing some spine and have refused to let Davis go despite tremendous pressure from the US Administration.

John Kerry is doing the rounds of Pakistan and Obama has called for the release of the “diplomat” on the grounds of diplomatic immunity which is a joke.The widow of one of the killed men had done suicide because she was sure that her husband’s killer would not be brought to justice.The US is doing exactly that by threatening to cut off all aid and break off diplomatic ties.It is this kind of behavior which leads to more anti-Americanism around the world and displays the American hypocrisy over defense of human rights and democracy.I am sure if such an incident had happened in USA,the murderer would be facing a lethal injection in a very short time.However in an unequal world human rights for an American and a Pakistani or three is different.

Pakistan Delays Ruling on Jailed American

A provincial court gave the Pakistani government three weeks on Thursday to decide whether the American official in custody for killing two Pakistanis has diplomatic immunity, a decision that amounts to a slap to the United States, the nation’s biggest donor and an ally in the fight against terror.

The decision came a day after a whirlwind visit by Senator John Kerry who tried to find a quick resolution to the case which has severely damaged relations between the two countries and exposed the weakness of the pro-American government headed by President Asif Ali Zardari.

The public furor in Pakistan has revolved around why Raymond A. Davis, 36, arrested with a loaded Glock handgun and other security gear, was driving alone in an impoverished area of Lahore not usually frequented by diplomats. After Mr. Davis killed two motorcyclists who he says were trying to rob him, an official American car that tried to rescue him ran over another motorcyclist who later died. That car fled the scene.

The judge in Lahore, Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry, ordered the Foreign Ministry to present its findings on Mr. Davis’s immunity in three weeks, a delay that is likely to intensify the standoff.

The Obama administration has already postponed a Washington meeting scheduled for later this month where Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States were to discuss progress in Afghanistan. The administration has warned Pakistan that a planned state visit by Mr. Zardari next month was in jeopardy if the case was not resolved, and Congress has threatened to cut military assistance.


Abhishek Shah

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