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Green Laggard UK discourages and drives away CleanTech Companies

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United Kingdom is one the worst countries in the world in terms of its commitment towards Global Warming.Like Canada and USA,UK has been a notable laggard in the Green Energy area.It has one of the smallest percentages of its Energy being derived from clean sources.The government has not changed its policies too much as well despite its “green posturing”.Solar FIT which started in April 2010 were put under review by the authorities in as little as 6 months .This was despite only 10 MW of solar installation a month compared to the 500 MW average for Germany.In offshore wind power,UK is regarded as the leader with the largest installed capacity.However the growth in even Wind Energy has been slow and halting.Also offshore wind power is not the most mature of green technologies out there,so don’t expect any miracles in Renewable Energy growth through this source.

A recent survey of CleanTech companies saw a vast majority of the companies not having confidence in the green policies of the government.Note Green Energy requires a sustainable policy to generate private investments and with the government putting even its fledgling cleantech sector in its review of fiscal cuts has driven away the cleantech companies.The survey shows a sharp deterioration in confidence amongst Green companies.This despite the Conservative-Liberal Democrats being supposedly more Green than their Labor counterparts.With most of the world having pretty much dropped most of the efforts on climate change mitigation,it does not look like the situation will change soon.UK remains the Green Black Sheep of Europe where some countries are not only meeting but exceeding their targets of  Green Energy

UK cleantech firms lose confidence in government policy

British-based companies involved in the country’s green technology industry have lost confidence in the coalition government’s ability to drive the sector forward, according to a report released on Thursday.Only 13 percent of 529 companies surveyed over the new year period believed the government will establish the right conditions for success in the cleantech sector this year, the latest poll compiled by consultancy Ernst & Young showed.

This compares with 38 percent of respondents who felt confident about the coalition government’s support for investment in the sector , according to the previous poll between August and October 2010.


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