Reliance Industries is known to have one of the smartest management teams in the country.The Reliance Group led by Mukesh Ambani is well connected with proven record in executing huge projects in the Oil and Gas Arena.However outside of their core competence,the Group has suffered.Its Retail Entry has not been much of a success despite big bucks being poured in the last 3-4 years.It entry into marketing of oil based fuels has also meandered without going anywhere.Now the Reliance Group has announced an entry into the Hotels Sector by acquiring a 14% stake in East India Hotels at a significant premium over the market price from the promoter Group.This ~$220 million investment is totally unrelated to Reliance’s activities and make no strategic sense.

This Program will try to avoid the disadvantages of Feed in Tariff Schemes as it will introduce a Market Based Element into the Tariffs.However this project is still at a preliminary stage and will need a lot of fine tuning.Note similar scheme have been implemented in China and India as well.The Chinese 280 MW of Projects have seen cuthroat competition with loss making bids by State Owned Utilities.It remains to be seen whether California can make a success of this RAM Program where China has failed.Even India has reported a huge response for the JNNSM First Phase of PV Projects.The Success of this California program will be crucial as it might serve as a template for future programs by other states and the Federal Government.

Wind Energy in the USA has hit an Air Pocket in 2010 with Low Prices for Gas and lack of a Federal Push for Green Energy.The end of 30% Cash Grants for Wind Investments by 2010 end may lead to a worse 2011,if the incentives are not extended by the Congress.Note Wind Energy is the cheapest form of Green Energy with prices of 8-10c/KwH and the second most prevalent form of Renewable Energy after Hydro Power.China has become the largest installer of Wind Energy in 2009 with 13 GW showing a 100% CAGR over the last 2-3 years.