There has been reports of massive debt distress in Eastern European countries following the Global Financial Crisis.One of the major factors leading to this is the problem of foreign currency denominated loans.Most of the countries in Eastern Europe became truly independent after the dissolution of the erstwhile USSR.With weak institutions and nascent democracies,these countries became […]

The Satyam scandal resulted in a lossĀ  of around $3 billion besides doing irreparable harm to the reputation of India’s corporate sector.The ringleader behind the entire scam Ramalinga Raju however continues to live a life of luxury and comfort in one of India’s premier hospitals NIIMs.It is a deficiency of India’s Justice System where powerful […]

Now Android threatens Microsoft in other Technology Hardware like Tablets.Apple’s iPad has made Tablets the hottest hardware category with every major PC company like Acer,Dell,HP planning new models.With Android being a huge consumer hit and free,these vendors will have little incentive to push Windows based Tablets in the Market.

Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL),one of India’s biggest private sector Steel companies is looking to build a Rs 42000 crore ( ~$10 billion) Coal to Liquid (CTL) project in India’ eastern state of Orissa.Note JSPL is headed by Naveen Jindal who is also a leader of India’s ruling Congress party.This CTL plant will be […]

Huawei and ZTE in the center of the storm Huawei and ZTE have been embroiled in a major controversy over India’s security concerns over using Chinese equipment in the sensitive communication industry.India is the fastest growing telecom market in the world and as result the most attractive one as well.Huawei and ZTE,the two huge Chinese […]

Italian Solar Feed in Tariff Cuts to be More Moderate than Market Expectations The German government allowed a face saving gesture to the Upper House by moderating the solar feed in tariff cuts by 3% for the 3 months in the 3Q 2010.Despite rumors of sharp cuts in Solar Subsidy,there has been recent moderation in […]