.The almost 20% peak to trough fall has led to Germany’s already strong exporting machine to generate even greater exports.While the rest of the European countries like Spain,Greece and Portugal don’t really have the industry to benefit from Euro weakness,Germany has a massive industries to do so.

Nokia is a company under siege from multiple forces.On the global stage,it is fasting losing brand value,marketshare and profits under competition from Technology Giants Google and Apple.It is also losing its Indian fortress where it used to once reign supreme.With the company losing almost 20 percentage points in India’s telecom market,the last thing it needed […]

US Export Import Bank (Exim) is a government owned financial institution which helps support US trade through credit financing of exports/imports of US companies.The Bank is also an instrument of US government policy which supports renewable energy and acts against climate change.However its recent policy actions have been criticized heavily by environmental groups for supporting […]

General Electric or GE as it is popularly known is one of the biggest players in the Green Industry globally.It generated $18 billion in Ecomagination revenues in 2009 with $1.5 Billion in Investment.General Electric like other industrial conglomerates like Siemens,Areva and others are in fact low risk plays in the Green Investing sector.GE is strong […]

India and China are seeing rapid economic and industrial growth in excess of 8% GDP growth.While rapid growth is necessary to pull up the estimated 2.5 billion people in these 2 countries to a middle class life,it has also resulted in environmental degradation.The industries in these 2 countries are poorly regulated unlike the West and […]

LG and Samsung have already committed themselves to billion dollar investments into crystalline solar manufacturing.Not to be left behind South Korea’s Hyundai Industries which is known more for its cars,is also making a big push into the Green Energy Space.Like its South Korean peers,Hyundai is also preferring to enter this space through Solar Energy.Hyundai has […]