India is facing a growing backlog of environmental cases with rapid industrialization leading to disputes with traditional stakeholders.Land acquisition has become a huge problem with industries and mining interests facing increasing protests from farmers and fishermen.The government frequently gets compromised by powerful industrial lobbies,leaving India’s judiciary the only place where affected people can get some […]

ABB recently came up with an open offer to increase its stake in the Indian subsidiary from 52% to 75% offering Rs 900/share which was a substantial premium to the then stock price.ABB’s stock had been floundering after poor Q1 2010 results and it was a good time for the parent to increase its stake.India […]

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries , the massive Japanese Conglomerate is looking to overseas market for growing its Wind Energy Division.Mitsubishi like other Japanese companies are looking towards Green Industry for growth.Japan already possesses solid strengths in this area with its traditional focus on resource efficiency.While companies like Panansonic and Toyotal looks towards Electric Vehicles and Batteries,Sharp […]

The Global Financial Crisis is truly global in its character of inflicting misery and impoverishment amongst workers.Bangladesh and US which are two highly disparate countries in almost every sense are now facing a common problem.Unemployment and low wages is becoming a big headache for policymakers in both countries.US is facing more long term unemployment since […]

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) are one of the popular subsidy measures used by government around the world to promote Green Energy.However the market pricing of these certificates leads to uncertainty which can deter private capital from investing in projects which depend on REC prices.Periods of oversupply are common in any market and RECs are no […]

Green Energy has increasingly become mainstream rather than a niche category supported by some environmental activists and hippies.This is proved by the fact that almost half of the Energy Capacity installed in 2009 in the developed world came from Renewable Energy Sources.According to a REN21 report, Europe and US saw more Renewable Energy installations in […]