USA is unarguably the world’s richest and most powerful country after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.The country¬† is the only superpower left in the world with a both a huge economy and an almost invincible military.However despite the riches,USA remains a deeply unequal country.The income disparity has been steadily rising in […]

Food Prices have become one of the most important topics in India over the last 2 years.A Deficient Monsoon season in 2009 was the primary cause of a sharp rise in Food Prices leading to Food Insecurity for a majority of the India.A recent study found that more than half of the Indians still live […]

India’s Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme or MGNREGA as it is popularly known is leading to labor shortages around the country.The NREGA scheme which guarantees 100 days of employment to rural workers around the country with a minimum wage of Rs 100 (~$2 per day) has led to higher bargaining power for workers.Earlier […]

Indian Real Estate Sector yet to Recover from the Lehman Crisis The Indian Real Estate Sector is one of the most interesting sectors in India with a huge potential as well as¬† companies whose financial statements even fund managers don’t trust.This sector was the worst affected by the Lehman crisis and still has yet to […]

Indian market has seen a raft of junk offerings in the IPO market over the last few months.Many of these issues have failed to get subscribed while others which have got subscription in low numbers have rewarded investors with sharp losses.Nitesh Estates,Tarapur Transformers,Jaypee Infrastructure are some of the few junk IPOs which have bombed after […]

India’s Western state of Gujarat is one of the most developed regions in the country and has shown tremendous economic growth over the past decade.The state has been growing at a scorching pace under stable and supportive governments for the past several years.This state is home to Reliance Industries massive petrochemical complex and Tatas have […]