India’s Nuclear Energy Growth plans has been facing obstacles from China which is using Pakistan as a proxy.Note Pakistan is the recepient of huge aid from both China and the US.Pakistan has been historically allied with USA though Afganistan has thrown a spanner in the relationship.Pakistan considers China as it most loyal friend as both […]

While their growth and margins are comparable to the private and foreign owned banks in India,the P/E multiple is much lower despite lower risks.The cause of this discount become apparent when you consider some of the loans these banks make.LIC had come under a cloud in nineties for making investments and loans to favored companies

Now it has become easier to invest in this metal with the launch of an ETF dedicated to Lithium alone.This ETF which is being launched by Global X Management with tracks stocks of electric vehicle producers and battery makers.I am not a fan of the Lithium Battery makers or Electric Vehicle producers

India’s Telecom market is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the world.With almost 20 million handsets sold in a month,it is one of the most lucrative mobile phone markets globally.Nokia has been the undisputed market leader with around 53% marketshare.However Nokia’s dominance has been eroded by the advent of local Indian players like […]

China has recently come under strong criticism for unfairly treatment foreign companies.While MNCs are looking towards China as a source of growth ,Chinese are only interested in Technology that these companies offer.Rules and regulations are such that foreign companies are forced to tie up and share technology with local partners.This inevitably leads to local partners going on their own and competing with the same companies they got their technology from.China’s Wind Energy Industry is a testament of this fact

Chinese Green Companies are being forced to look at overseas market for Profits as their Domestic Market is being ravaged by fierce price wars.Wind,Solar and even Smart Grid Companies in China compete mainly on price as technology is not the strong point for these companies.Lots of these small companies are promoted through provincial government bodies […]