Tata Group is the most respected Indian Industrial Group,however that seems to be changing India’s Tata Group of companies is the most respected corporate group in the country.Group companies like Tata Steel,Tata Motors,TCS and others are known for their strong corporate governance and fair treatment of all stakeholders.But some recent incidents have put some doubts […]

Honda is betting more on the success of  Hybrid Vehicles than on Electric Vehicles.It seems that the Japanese auto giant thinks that Hybrid Vehicles will get more traction in the market and is set to manufacture and sell upto 5  hybrid vehicles in the USA by 2013 .While it is also developing an Electric Vehicle,it […]

China surpassed the USA as the largest emitter of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in 2006 when it produced 6.2 billion tons of CO2 overtaking the USA at 5.8 billion tons.It has only increased the gap with the USA in the intervening 4 years as the Chinese economy has grown roughly at a 10% average.Now International Energy […]

India has ambitious plans for the growth of its Nuclear Energy Industry to meets its increasing Energy Demand.India’s Economy has been growing at a scorching pace over the last few years making the Energy Demand increase exponentially.Electricity Demand in India far outstrips the Supply with peak supply demand shortage in the 20% range.India’s government realizes […]

ABB, the European Giant which was formed by merger of Asea and Brown Boveri in 1989 is increasing its lead in the Smart Grid Industry.The company which generated over $30 billion in revenues in 2009 with a roughly 10% Net Profit Margin is a leader in Power Systems,Network Management,Electricity Transmission and Distribution.The company has focused […]

The recent recovery in Euro from 1.2 to 1.3 USD and the strength of the stock markets would make you think that the Greek Contagion is behind us.However that is far from the truth as most parts of Europe continues to see a distressed banking sector  and deteriorating public finances.Hungary which has been under a […]