Engineers India Follow on Offering (FPO) is a sequel to the government PSU divestment through stake sales in companies with low public float.EIL FPO is going to see a 10% dilution of the government equity in the company on top of the existing 9.6% public float.The 3.36 crore (33.6 million) shares are being offered in […]

Huawei and ZTE,the two Chinese telecom equipment makers keep making headlines for all the wrong reasons.These 2 firms have won over a large amount of marketshare in the past 5 years in the telecom equipment space through their lower priced products.However foreign countries view both firms with suspicion because of their close ties with the […]

China’s Communist Government is notorious for suppressing any note of dissent to its authoritarian rule.Its vice like grip over Internet is already well known by the outside world.The Chinese government does not tolerate any protests as can be seen by its brutal suppression of common people in Tiananmen Square,Tibet and Xinjiang.The one party rule ensures […]

Applied Materials has finally shut down its SunFab Thin Film division after continuous losses in the last couple of years.The Solar Thin Film Technology has seen a torrid few quarters as falling polysilicon prices have destroyed many of the thin film business models.Even companies with big pockets like Masdar have given up on their thin […]

Google’s paltry $39mm investment in a Wind Farm was puzzling as it really seemed to meet no goals.The investment would not lead to any significant advancement in Wind Technology nor was it big enough to lead to large production of Green Energy.Google has been touting its commitment to Green Energy and has even funded some […]

Climate Change Mitigation and Global Warming have been put in cold storage by world’s major countries like USA and China.While Europe and Japan are pushing initiatives to stop Global Warming,their efforts have been stymied by states like Saudi Arabia, USA and Canada.Some countries keep polluting like there is no tomorrow.USA is far from passing even […]