SMC seems to have made a strategic call to focus on the thin film Cadmium Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGs) Technology instead of the mainstream crystalline silicon (c-Si) technology.Note CIGs technology is the most promising thin film technology with yields much higher than the other technologies like Cadmium Tellurium (CdTe) used by First Solar and amorphous Silicon (a-Si) which was used by AMAT’s Subfab division.

Bangladesh recently witnessed violent protests by textile workers who are being forced to work for wages below $1/day even as inflation rages at more than 10% in that country.Bangladesh has recently seen increased outsourcing of garments with Chinese wages increasing.However the conditions for the textile workers has not improved as the salary levels for the […]

RareĀ  Earth Minerals have been in the news because of their necessity in production of Clean Technology products and a virtual Chinese monopoly which controls almost 95% of the world’s production.China has been cracking down on illegal exports as it tries to control this vital ingredient for products as wide ranging as Electric Vehicles to […]

Suzuki which is a global Tier 2 automaker is the biggest automobile company in India through its Indian subsidiary Maruti.The company which was formed in the 1980s when India had a command and control economy has a greater thanĀ  50% marketshare in one of the fastest growing auto markets in the world.Maruti was a JV […]

India’s primary market for stock issues has seen a lot of junk offerings in the recent past.They have led to big losses for investors naive enough to invest in such dodgy issues with fantastically bad fundamentals.The features of such IPOs have been that 1) They have failed to get subscribed which is a blessing in […]

According to the German Federal Agency,Germany added 1.7 GW of Solar Energy in the month of June.This bring the cumulative installed capacity for 2010 to 3.4 GW capacity compared to the 3.8 GW capacity installed in the entire 2009.The reduction in Feed in Tariffs in July 2010 has propelled the developers to finish all the projects by June 30 in order to qualify for the much higher electricity rates.