The Indian 3G and Broadband Wireless Auctions finally ended after Two Months resulting in a Massive Windfall for Government Coffers .The combined value of both auctions is around $23 Billion which is more than double what the Government was initially expecting.Predictably it has left the Telecom Operators in the Red with the Companies having to […]

Caja Madrid which was looking for a Bailout from the Spanish Central Bank is merging with another large Caja Bancaja.The Central Bank is pressurizing the Cajas(Socially run Spanish Savings Banks) to merge with each other to reduce costs and improve management.This is being done with the help of a Bailout Carrot.The Cajas are basically badly […]

China has again come under increasing pressure from the US to appreciate the yuan against the US Dollar removing the hard peg it has against the Dollar.The US Senate is also piling up the pressure against the Chinese by proposing sanctions such as import duties on Chinese imports.While the US Government had delayed any potential […]

Apple has been the Leader in Technology Wars Technology has become a very competitive sector with 5-10 Global Companies taking on  each other on multiple fronts in Hardware and Software.Apple has been at the forefront of these  Technology battles releasing an awesome array of Electronic Products changing the very dynamics of those segments.iPhone has radically […]

Chinese  Cyber Attacks South Korea blamed Chinese sources for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on its Government Websites.South Korea and North Korea have been on tenterhooks after South Korea found one of its warships sunk by a North Korean torpedo.China is a close ally of North Korea through Communist Party links and has […]

Global Warming and Climate Change Mitigation has been given the Cold Shoulder by the World Governments with attention being diverted  towards the  Global Financial Crisis.The Economic Crisis has given a good excuse even for unaffected countries to water down their commitments to Climate Change .Canada which has been one of the biggest laggards on climate […]