Nokia is fast losing Marketshare,Brand appeal and Pricing Power in the smartphone market.Despite a nearly 40% marketshare in the worldwide mobile market and an almost equal share in the Smartphone segment,Nokia has lost control.Apple and Google are driving the Smartphone segment with Nokia trying unsuccessfully to play catch-up .Other smaller players like Motorola,HTC,Samsung etc are […]

Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) which allows trading of Carbon Credits between GHG emitting organizations in developed countries and carbon cutting projects in developing countries is an imperfect mechanism.It is set up in such a manner that organizations have a huge incentive to game the system to maximize revenues from Carbon Credits rather than […]

China’s Wind Turbine Producer Xinjiang Goldwind has apparently canceled plans for a massive $1.2 Billion Hong Kong IPO .The reasons for the cancellation of this much hyped IPO is not very clear . Note the Chinese Government has issued a “go slow” for Green IPOs given the overcapacity in the Wind and Polysilicon sectors.However Goldwind […]

Indian Telecom Opertors Cup of Woes Indian Telecom Operators have seen Bad News  hitting them one by one  in a unrelenting way for the past one year First there was the Price War unleashed by New Telecom operators like Tata DoCoMo,Sistema Shyam Telecom and others.The 2nd round of 2G licensing has been mired in controversy […]

Standard Chartered IDR closed below its listing price of Rs 104 in the Indian Market.A Review of Standard Chartered IDR had revealed severe disadvantages for retail investors.In Seven Reasons Why StanChart IDR was not a good buy, I had listed out the shortcomings of the IDR instrument and Standard Chartered as a stock.It seems that […]

Panasonic hits upon a Green Goldmine in Sanyo Panasonic has hit upon a Green Goldmine with its acquisition of Sanyo .It is now capitalizing on  Sanyo’s Solar and Energy Storage Technology by making huge investments in this space.Sanyo had been already been metamorphizing into a Green company from an Electronics company before Panasonic bought it […]